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Date and place of the Trump-Kim Summit and soon uncovered

Date and place for the Trump-Kim Summit firm and soon unveiled
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The date and location of the historic summit with Kim Jong Un has been established, announced Donald Trump on Friday and assured that a reminder of some US soldiers in South Korea would be "not on the table". Without excluding it in the long run

"We now have a date and we have a place" for the meeting with the North Korean leader, the president said in the United States. "We will announce them soon," he added, maintaining the tension as usual.

So far, Donald Trump mentioned the end of May or early June and tempted by a summit in the demilitarized zone on the border between the two Koreans, visibly impressed by the strong images of Kim Jong Un's meeting with the South Korean president Moon Jae-in.

US President Singapore was also mentioned among the opportunities, while Mongolia, or even Geneva, was quoted by some media as possible traces.

Donald Trump was once again optimistic about the forthcoming negotiations on a "denuklearization" on the Korean peninsula, after years of tension and escalation that had been accentuated after his arrival at the White House.

"It's going well with North Korea," he said. launched a speech in Dallas on Friday afternoon, acknowledging that he tried to "calm the game" after the "word" with Kim Jong Un, whom he called "little rocket man" while threatening to shoot down "Fire and anger" from the United States states of the recurring country

"We are in constant contact with North Korea," he said earlier. Discussions take place especially "very good at hostages", referring to Pyongyang's three Americans.

"Save This Money"

While unconfirmed information suggests their possible release to approach the Kim-Trump Summit, the US President had suggested Wednesday that a positive outcome was imminent. Since then, American officials have refused to say more.

  North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un (right) and South Korean president Moon Jae-in Panmunjom April 27, 2018 © STR KCNA VIA KNS / AFP / Archive
North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un (right) and South Korean president Moon Jae in Panmunjom April 27, 2018 © STR KCNA VIA KNS / AFP / Archive

The preparations for the summit continue as a sign of convergence between the two Koreans multiplied. The Nordic countries have thus joined the Southern Time Zone, which puts a 30-minute gap, "first practical action", after the Kim-Moon meeting, according to the KCNA North Korean office, to stop.

Pyongyang has in the same vein submitted a proposal to the International Civil Aviation Organization for the opening of an air corridor to South Korea.

Only the downside: despite the fact that the union was broken by the Japanese and the Japanese in the semifinals of the world championships in Team Table Tennis

In this optimistic context, Donald Trump has tried to deny information from The New York Times that he has asked the Pentagon to Prepare options for reducing the number of US soldiers in South Korea.

This "is not on the table". "Not really, not at this stage, definitely not," he said gradually.

But he immediately shaded his own denial. "Now I have to tell you that sometime in the future I would like to save money: you know we have 32,000 soldiers there," he said.

The fate of American soldiers who are present in South Korea to defend this allied has already been subject to controversy a week in Seoul. President Moon must intervene to reject the hypothesis, issued by one of his advisers, for a withdrawal in favor of a possible peace agreement with Pyongyang to formally end the 1950-1953 war not taking place. just ending with violence support

While observers wonder what concessions the United States is willing to do to end North Korea's nuclear programs, Trump says officials say they are

Although the Pentagon will certainly "resist" any white house demands a future recall, has the only fact of raising it "a catastrophic effect on the bargaining margin. American", warns Adam Mount, an expert in the federation of American researchers.

"North Korea will require the US forces to be revoked, probably in exchange for weak guarantees for denuclearization with all reason to believe that Trump means yes," he regretted on Twitter.

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