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Covid-19: Partial redevelopment for the city of Tangier

As part of ongoing efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) and limit its negative repercussions, and considering the health needs following the emergence of new clusters in several neighborhoods in the city of Tangier, it was decided to tighten the precautionary restrictions and the preventive measures and closing the entrance to the target zones in the city from Sunday, July 12, 2020 at midnight, the Interior Ministry announced.

In a press release, the ministry stated that it was also decided to strengthen the control so that the people in these zones leave their homes only in the event of extreme necessity while observing the necessary precautions: physical distance, hygiene measures, mandatory wearing of masks and downloading of the application “wiqaytna”


It was also decided to require an exceptional travel permit issued by the authorities and to close hammam, halls and sports arenas.

According to the same source, it was also decided to close markets, centers, shopping malls, cafes and public areas (parks, gardens, public places …) at 20.00.

Will maintain the obligation to have an exceptional permit issued by the local authorities to move outside the city of Tangier, as well as all other restrictions decided by the health condition (ban on gatherings, meetings, wedding parties and funerals …), added the press release.

And to emphasize that the relief of these measures depends on the development of the epidemiological situation in the city, the achievement of concrete results to contain the pandemic and the reduction in the number of infected, which will help to limit the spread of this disease. epidemic.

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