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Coronavirus: New theses elicit efficacy of BCG vaccine

In Tunisia, several theses have argued that the BCG vaccine, compulsory from an early age, had protected patients from contamination with Covid-19. In France, unlike in Tunisia, this vaccine was no longer mandatory since 2007.

This century-old vaccine would have properties and a protective effect against coronavirus. A study has been conducted in 22 countries around the world and has shown a 10.4% reduction in mortality from Covid-19.

This research shows that the BCG vaccine strengthens immunity and protects the body against respiratory tract infections.

The BCG vaccine, which originally protects against the Koch bacterium responsible for tuberculosis, “generates powerful immune stimulation,”

; explains Bulgarian professor of immunology Bogdan Petrounov to AFP.

Researchers continue to investigate the direct link between this vaccine and the cure or protection of patients against Covid-19.

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