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Coronavirus: A day in the world

The number of deaths linked to Covid-19 coronavirus worldwide amounted to 967,035 people on Tuesday, September 22, 2020. More than 31.4 million people (34,433,180 have been infected while 21,546,694 of them recovered. The United States, which is the epicenter for the pandemic, and the first affected and troubled country and has the top of the poster.In the podium we find India and Brazil, the second most wounded according to Johns Hopkins University, which is the benchmark in the field, followed by Mexico and the UK.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported on Tuesday nearly 2 million new cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus reported for the past week alone (September 1

4-20). During the same period, the number of deaths has decreased by 10%, and 37,700 deaths have been reported in the last seven days. The largest increase in the number of deaths was recorded in Europe in the last week, increasing by 27% from the previous week. Southeast Asia accounts for 35% of new cases reported in the past week. The Eastern Mediterranean and the Western Pacific have both reported a small increase in reported cases and deaths over the past three weeks.

In 24 hours from Monday 18:00 to Tuesday 18:00, Morocco registered 2227 new confirmed cases of coronavirus, 1725 new recoveries and 34 deaths, the Ministry of Health said on its website. Hespress, covid.hespress.com/fr, describes that the Kingdom now has 105,346 confirmed cases, 1,889 deaths (ie a mortality rate of 1.79%), 85,883 cures, 2,328,523 cases excluded after negative laboratory tests (an increase of 21 066) and 17,574 cases are pending

With the exception of Morocco, the African continent also continues to show a marked decline with reductions in cases of 12% and 16% respectively of reported deaths in the last week. Africa CDC revealed in its data this Tuesday, September 22, 2020, 1,412,699 cases of infections, 34,077 deaths and 1,153,380 remissions on the continent. South Africa is the cradle of the pandemic on the African continent where the number of registered cases has reached 661,936 (+725) and 15,992 (+39) dead. South Africa is followed by Morocco, 105,346 confirmed cases and 1,889 deaths and Egypt, 102,141 cases (+126) in total and 5,787 deaths. It is followed by Ethiopia (70,422 cases and 1,127 deaths), Nigeria (57,437 cases and 1,100 deaths), Algeria (50,214 cases and 1,689 deaths) and Ghana 46,062 cases and 297 deaths.

France has 506,982 confirmed cases on Tuesday (+10,008) and a total of 31,424 (+68) dead. Italy has 300,897 (+1392) cases and 35,738 (+14) deaths. In the UK, on ​​22 September 2020, there are 406,053 (+ 4926) confirmed cases and a total of 41951 (+37) deaths. Spain registered this Tuesday, a total of 682,267 cases and a total of 30,904 (+241) deaths. Russia reports 1115810 (+6215) and 19649 (+160) dead on Tuesday 22 September. Germany currently has 273928 (+1189) registered cases and 9557 deaths (+7). Romania has so far counted 1,059 new pollutants in 24 hours for a total of 114,648 cases and 4,503 (+45) deaths due to Covid-19.

In the USA, 344 deaths were added to the macabre total (200,541 deaths), while the number of new cases today amounted to 42,860 identified pollutants. The country has 6,884,032 cases. Brazil has counted today, 13,439 cases and 377 deaths in 24 hours for a total of 4,558,068 identified cases and a total of 137,272 deaths. Peru has 772,896 (+ 4001) cases of contamination and 31,474 (+ 98) deaths. Mexico has 700,580 cases (+8,674) and 73,677 (+197) deaths, this figure would be underestimated. Chile has 44,853 registered cases (+1055) and has a total of 12,321 (+23) deaths.

In India, the human cost of the coronavirus epidemic is rising. This Tuesday, September 22, India recorded 5,562,927 confirmed cases (+74,493) and 88,978 deaths, including 1,056 in 24 hours. South Korea has 23,106 cases of infections (+61) and 388 deaths (+3). China reports 5 new coronavirus (Covid-19) infections in 24 and counts a total of 85,297 cases and 4,634 (+0) deaths. China is already testing its vaccines on a large scale. Japan lists 483 new cases of 24-hour contamination for a total of 79,140 registered cases and 1,500 deaths (+0). Iran counts 178 deaths in 24 hours, or a total of 24656 and now has 429,193 (+3,712) declared cases.

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