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Coronavirus: A day in the world

While the vaccine race continues, the coronavirus epidemic (Covid-19) continues to abuse health systems around the world or reveal their weaknesses, as in Brazil, where the coronavirus highlighted a lack of funding and mismanagement.

The South American giant, with almost 95,000 dead, is the most affected country in Latin America, a continent where the pandemic continues to develop. South America and the Caribbean surpassed the threshold of five million people on Monday. The United States is still the most deprived country (156,301 deaths) and the most affected (4,751,853 confirmed cases). There are 18,380,616 cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) and 696,389 deaths worldwide on Tuesday, August 4, 2020, according to Johns Hopkins University.

In Morocco, the national coronavirus contamination report reports today at 18.00, 661 new healings, a total of 19,629 and 16 new deaths, bringing the macabre toll to 417. Hespress monitoring and monitoring platform, covid.hespress.com/fr, details and that Morocco now has 27,217 confirmed cases, a mortality rate of 1.53%), 1,311,772 cases excluded after negative laboratory tests (an increase of 21,107) and 7,171 cases under treatment.

Africa borders one million confirmed coronavirus cases The virus has already claimed the lives of almost 21,000 people. The countries most affected by the pandemic are South Africa (521,745 cases including 8,844 deaths), Egypt (94,640 cases including 4,888 deaths), Nigeria (44,129 cases including 896 deaths), Ghana (37,812 including 191 deaths) or Algeria ( 32,504 cases including 1,248 deaths).

The United States is still at the top of the sad ranking of the countries most affected in both deaths and deaths, the number of deaths in 24 hours on this day is 469 deaths while the new cases testify to a noticeable fall to 47,576. The most affected states is the state of California, Texas, Florida and New York, which together account for more than 39% of cases in the United States. They are followed by Brazil (2,750,318 cases and 94,665 deaths), Mexico (443,813 cases and 48,001 deaths), the United Kingdom (307,256 cases and 46,295) and India (1,855,745 cases) 39,938 deaths). Peru is still in a worrying situation with 4,250 new cases so far. The country has 433,100 cases of pollution and 19,811 (+197) deaths. In Chile, tolls continue to rise, with 1,763 new cases in 24 hours (2,073 the day before), for a total of 361,431 identified cases and a total of 9,706 (+99) deaths.

Europe in the midst of summer holidays and negligence is facing an increase in the number of cases of Covid-19 coronavirus, and some countries are tightening their restrictions as in France (228,514 cases and 30,277 deaths) or in the countries -Bottom now demanding, as closed public places , the protective mask outdoors in the liveliest areas of large cities or tourist resorts. In Italy, 190 new cases have been recorded in the last 24 hours, and there are a further 5 deaths for a macabre toll of 35,171 and a number of cases of 248,419. Spain has registered this Tuesday, 4 August 5,760 new cases since Friday or 302 814 cases in total. The country counts 26 deaths in 24 hours or 28,498 in total. In Germany, the number of cases is 212,249 (+792 in 24 hours) and 9,319 deaths. Russia reports 5,394 new cases on Tuesday, August 4. Authorities report 856,264 cases detected for 14,207 (+79 deaths). Russia hopes for industrial production of a vaccine from September.

Japan, Covid-19 continues to climb with 1,998 new cases of pollution in 24 hours. There are 38,687 cases registered in total and 1,012 (+1 in 24 hours) deaths on Tuesday 4 August. The number of new cases of coronavirus goes back to China, which reports 36 new infections with Covid-19 in 24 hours. The country has a total of 84,464 cases and 4,644 deaths (+0 in 24 hours). In Iran, the country has 215 deaths in 24 hours, or 17,405 in total, and has 312,035 (+2,598 in 24 hours) declared cases. South Korea has 34 new cases of pollution for a total of 14,423 cases in total for 301 deaths (+0 in 24 hours). The country continues to see the emergence of new clusters. In India, the report shows 1,855,745 confirmed cases (+50,629 in 24 hours) and 38,901 deaths, including 810 in 24 hours. In the Philippines (112,593 cases and 2,115 deaths), more than 27 million Filipinos returned to confinement on Tuesday ahead of a worsening coronavirus epidemic (Covid-19), whose progression also appears steadfast in South America and the Caribbean.

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