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Citroën Ami electric quad bikes now appear at dealers

After starting his career online, then in the Darty or Fnac stores, the little friend finally agrees to land in the Citroën network. But only a hundred outlets will offer this electric trolley initially.

Available without a license, limited to 45 km / h and dressed to the utmost, the little friend occupies a special place in the Citroën range. Even its marketing method stands out: it was first only available online, in May, before joining 39 … FNAC or Darty stores from June. It was therefore necessary to wait until July to find it in the traditional Chevron network. A hundred outlets, located throughout France, will be able to exhibit and offer this 1

00% electric four-wheeler at extremely tight prices by the end of the summer, and take care of its maintenance afterwards.

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Only one sales pitch of seven

At the moment, a specific presentation was presented, which drew inspiration from the boxes for mounting games. After registering “more than 500 orders” in two months, L’Ami can try to win more loyal Citroën customers, for example, want to offer a safer means of transport than a scooter to their teenagers. But since the manufacturer’s network requires more than 750 outlets in France, most of them will not be able to offer you this mini city car made in Morocco., with extremely limited performance and range. Before you discover it, it would be better to make a phone call or send an email.

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