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CHAN 2020: Qualify for a week-end, complete program

Published October 18, 2019 at 14H35 – Missed on October 18, 2019 at 14H40

The next tour of the elimination du CHAN 2020's disputes week-end at Traverse l'Afrique. The program completes the cleaning, zone by zone.

Le plateau final of CHAN 2020 sera connu à l'issue de ce week-end. Qui rejoindra le Cameroon, pays organizer qualify the office titre? The suspense is the comeback of the North Zone before the zero entry into the Algeria and Maroc, tenant trophy, and the victory of the Tunisia of Libya. Dance to the choc to other drivers, to the left of the car. Uncertainty of similar rain to Mali et la Mauritanie (0-0 at all) or to Guinée and Senegal, except for petit but for profit. Large scale cheers to everyone, Togo devra see the eventual "remontada" Nigerian . Idem pour le Niger en Cote d'Ivoire (2-0 to Mena à l'all). Ultimately, RD Congo has a price to build on the advantage of Bangui and to accentuate the Centrafrique of the firm's intention of deciphering a cinematic qualification for a tournament as well as a return to de reprise.

Programs for dernier tour return:

Zone North (2 qualifiers):
Samedi: Maroc ̵

1; Algérie (0-0)
Dimanche: Libya – Tunisie (0-1) [19659005] Zone Ouest A (2 qualifiers):
Dimanche: Mali – Mauritania (0-0)
Dimanche: Guinea – Senegal (0-1)

Zone Ouest B (3 qualifiers):
Samedi : Nigeria – Togo (1-4)
Dimanche: Ivory Coast – Niger (0-2)
Dimanche: Burkina Faso – Ghana (1-0)

Central area (2 qualifications): [19659007] Dimanche: RD Congo – Centrafrique (2-0)
Dimanche: Congo – Guinea Equatorial (2-2)

Zone Center-Est (3 qualifiers):
Vendredi: Soudan – Tanzania (1- 0)
Samedi: Uganda – Burundi (3-0)
Samedi: Rwanda – Ethiopia (1-0)

Zone Sud (3 qualifiers):
Samedi: Zambia – Eswatini (1-0 )
Samedi: Namibia – Madagascar (0-1)
Dimanche: Lesotho – Zimbabwe (1-3) [19659018] Lesson 15 qualifies rejoined front of Cameroon, pays organizer, and phase final. La celle-ci n'a date and revenge rallies are just a favor.

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