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Chad / Social Networking: A group of lawyers attack Airtel and Tigo in court

Djamena (© 2018 Afriquinfos) – For more than 5 months, Internet users in Chad have been deprived of social networks without any official information. After several arrests, a group of lawyers filed a lawsuit against the two largest mobile companies.

Airtel companies and Tigo operating in Chad must explain to the court Social Network that has had five (5) months. A complaint was filed by a group of lawyers. The men in black were overwhelmed by the silence of this cut and of these endurance for these Czech consumers.

Access to social networks like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber and even Tweeter is almost impossible in Chad since March 28, 201

8. The few passes passing censorship via VPN, virtual private networks to circumvent blockages, feel in the pocket . They are forced to pay two to three times more, to pay their internet connection at a price that is considered prohibited by consumer organizations. This situation is unacceptable according to the group of lawyers on the initiative of the complaint. He therefore wants companies to declare themselves fair. As early as April, "Internet Without Borders" was concerned about the violation of the Chadian consumer's digital rights and condemned what was a complication between ISPs and the Chad government.








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