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Libya has Rabat's first international economic forum in Morocco

The work of the first Libyan International Economic and Investment Forum in Morocco opened on Monday in Rabat, involving more than 400 people from 12 countries representing the public and private sectors and the various economic areas of Libya this international event, the first of its kind, initiated under the Libyan Presidency in collaboration with the Moroccan Ministry of Industry, …

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Born on the street, an invalid burr!

SHARE Born on the street, an invalid burr! The sidewalk now has a new string in its arch … Congratulations: the first child has just been born in a square. Who knows? The streets, all invested as car guards, in a scene that can only be seen in Morocco, can soon also be filled with traveling citizens and midwives who …

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Météo: read previews du puff

Credit: AFP. Voices read the meteorological forecasts for the journal of lundi November 11, 2019, tables by the National Meteorological Directorate: -Pluies modes in locales fort de saiss, l'Oriental et le Moyen Atlas notes a matinee. -Ciel as well as current ailments in the regions of the North Safi avec pluies par endroits. -Chutes the neig la nuit sur les …

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Experts in Paris: The Discourse of the Marche Verte Refreshments to the Constant of Royaume in the Sahara

Discourse pronounced by Roi Mohammed VI in the Occupation of the 44th Anniversary of the Marche Verte refirmation of the Royaume constant on the question of Saharan Moroccan, in the case of the attachment of the Marocains to the provinces of Sud. Discourse as well as an effect on the new and alternative to the proposition of autonomy presented by …

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El Othmani justifies the alliance of PJD and PAM in the TTAH Council

Saadeddine El Othmani, Secretary General of PJD and Head of Government. / Ph. DR "The Majority Participation in the Council of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima Council and the Chosen Government", and an affidavit in Rabat to the Head of Government and Secretary General of PJD, Saâdeddine El Othmani. [19659003] Intervener on the part of the National Committee of the Son Party, …

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The world celebrates Science Day for peace and development

World Science Day for Peace and Development, celebrated this year under the theme "Open Science, Never Letting Go", focuses on efforts to bring science closer to society Established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (19659001) UNESCO) 2001 and aims to highlight the important role of science in society and the need to involve the public in debating …

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