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but where is the princess Latifa?

NGO Human Rights Watch calls on the UAE authorities to reveal where Dubai Emir's daughter is. Sheikha Latifa bundle Mohammed al-Maktoum was caught at sea on the night of 4-5 March after trying to escape from the country.

But where is the daughter of Emir in Dubai? Human Rights Watch on Monday, May 7, urged the United Arab Emirates authorities (UAE) – of which Dubai is a member of "to immediately reveal where Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed al-Maktoum is and to clarify its legal status" .

"Refusing to provide this information about the princess, continues NGOs could be regarded as evidence of coercion, as it would have seen for the last Emirate authorities held it" .

Worth a spy movie

The story is worth a spy movie. It will be back to February. In a video that has become viral, a weary young woman claims she is called Latifa al-Maktoum, to be the daughter of Emir in Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rachid Al Maktoum and to have left her country where she would have detained for three years after a first attempt to fly in 2002.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, married to six women, has thirty daughters. The man is also Vice President, Prime Minister and Defense Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Latifa al-Maktoum explains that he fled the country for "live free" and tells that she was living under constant surveillance. She was not allowed to travel for her studies or to drive. The young princess claims she was even pulled by a doctor at a Dubai hospital to suppress his hint of insurgency. She also says: "If you watch this video, it's not really good. That means I is either dead or in a very difficult situation.

She continues: "Everything that matters to my father is his reputation, he can kill to protect his reputation. This video can save my life.

Listed on March 4 by the UAE authorities

According to the Human Rights Certificate, the emirate authorities dismissed the Princess Latifa on March 4 while attempting to fly at sea to a third country and returned with violence against the Emirates .

Here is the story of this flight, as it was reconstituted by AFP. With the help of a Finnish friend, the princess would have managed to leave the city states to discreetly depart from Oman, a nearby sultanate, on a US sailboat piloted by a French-American with a sulfur-like past. But during the night of March 4 to March 5 in international waters outside Goa, Nostromo is aboard the Indian Navy, says Hervé Jaubert, the owner of the boat, and the Finnish friend Tiina Jauhiainen.

"We attacked the military by the Indian Coast Guard, which then gave us to present the Emirates" says Hervé Jaubert. The 62-year-old Frenchman describes himself as a former French counterpartist and told in a book in 2009 how he fled from swimming in Dubai where he was accused of financial abuse.

"I helped her because she is my friend"

During their detention, the princess's two companions are questioned. "They wanted to know what organization was behind all this. They could not believe I had helped Latifa because she is my friend" explains the finals, which in 2010 the Princess knew what she gave courses of Capoeira. "They wanted us to admit that it was an kidnapping, because, according to their definition, Islamic, even the great woman can not give her consent, it remains under his father's responsibility." adds Jaubert. He explains that it was because of his book published in 2009 that the princess contacted her: "She asked me to help her"

. "Cheikha Latifa has not been seen or heard for two months, which raises deep concerns about his safety and well-being. " said NGOs. On April 18, Agence France Presse reported that a source near the Dubai government had confirmed that Princess Latifa had " brought back " to The Emirates. Dubai condemned the public exploitation of a "Private Enterprise" of a "Destroyer" and of Qatar, with which the emirates are diplomatically in the loggerheads since June 2017. [1965] 9006] On the economic aspects of the operation, he claims that he should be compensated for the fuel price of the boat's engine. In a report from BBC on the case, he also stated that he should have been paid, but he did not trade for the money. In the end they will be expelled on 20 and 22 March in the UAE. Princess, she's still stupid.

A second French, Christian Elombo, who would be complicated in the attempt to fly, was arrested in Oman in early March. He was sentenced to a prison jail, he was deported in early April. But just arrived at Luxembourg where his family lives, he was arrested again. The man is subject to a red message from Interpol – Search for arrest for release – at the request of the United Arab Emirates. This notice states that he is sought for "kidnapping" punishable by life imprisonment. The Luxembourg Prosecutor's Office is still waiting for the UAE to formalize a request for extradition.

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