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Brexit: By agreement in Brussels, Johnson strives to convince Westminster

Back in London after finding an agreement on Brexit with the 27, Prime Minister Boris Johnson goes on Friday to take on the difficult task of convincing members of it British Parliament to adopt it.

The lower house will meet on Saturday, for the first time since the Falklands War of 1982, for an exceptional meeting. [19659003] But Boris Johnson, who came to power in late July, has lost his majority in Westminster and has only 288 elected members, where he will need 320 votes.

If he failed to get a favorable vote in Parliament, Boris Johnson would be forced to ask Brussels for a new three-month postponement of Brexit, according to a law passed in early September by deputies, including 21

rebels in his own camp.

In Brussels on Thursday together with the Presidency of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, the British Prime Minister said he was "very confident."

"I am very hopeful that when MPs from all parties () look at it, they will see the benefits of supporting it," said the British Prime Minister, who has repeatedly said he wants to implement Brexit – already fired two times – until October 31, whatever happens.

L "just released agreement, small party Northern Ireland DUP, allied conservatives rejected it. The ten-member Unionist Party said it" could not support these proposals in Parliament "on the questions of customs regulations and the Northern Ireland executive's consent to the Brexit project

Junker then warned that the situation would be "extremely complicated" if the British Parliament on Saturday rejected the agreement reached on divorce between the UK and the EU.

"If this is the case, we will find it in an extreme complicated situation, "he told reporters after the first day of the EU summit in Brussels.

The leader of the Labor Party, the largest opposition party in the UK with 244 members, called on members to" reject "the London-European Union agreement. According to Jeremy Corbyn , "the best way to solve Brexit is to give the people the last word" in a second referendum, with is more than three years after 52% of Britons voted to leave the European Union. [19659006] Favorable for maintaining the EU, the SNP's Scottish independence (35 deputies) and the Liberal Democrats (19) also opposed a non-reception.

– "In the United Kingdom camps" –

These statements announce a difficult battle for Boris Johnson in front of Parliament, where his predecessor Theresa May failed three times to approve the agreement she had negotiated with Brussels, Thursday, Boris Johnson has multiplied telephone calls to deputies, according to Downing Street, and should continue its persuasion business on Friday.

"It will be necessary that one day in this assembly (…) take its responsibilities and that this as has been decided by a referendum, and supported by the various governments that we have negotiated with, are implemented, "said EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier. For President of the European Council Donald Tusk," the ball is in the UK camp. "

The compromise reached on Thursday removes the most controversial provision in the version of the agreement that Theresa May, who resigned this summer, "backstop". clause provided for the maintenance of the United Kingdom in a single customs territory with the European Union to avoid the return of a physical border on the island of Ireland to preserve peace after decades of violence. 19659006] The new special agreement lays down specific rules for customs duties for goods arriving in Northern Ireland, remaining in the United Kingdom customs territory, depending on whether they intend to remain or enter the European internal market. [19659006Thisalsoprescribes"concession"mechanismbytheUnitedKingdomauthoritiesandcontinuedapplicationoftheEUrulesoftheUnitedKingdomprovinceintheperiodoftheyearthewithouttheaccessionalagreementand

more generally, the text of the terms and conditions for the divorce, It also introduces a transitional period until December 2020.

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