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Brazilian humanists reject Lula's illegal political prison

The International Humanist Movement opposes the unfair political mandate with the imprisonment of former Brazilian President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva

We condemn the Kafkaesque process

We oppose this speedy vote, manipulated by Minister Carmem Lucia, under pressure from the media and army generals, who do not even follow the usual procedures for the process, just to get Lula out of the constituency of 2018.

We condemn the political prison [19659003] We oppose this sudden and disturbing awakening, showing that it The Brazilian elite's desperation stops it free of charge before the candidate's registration was opened. It also shows the elite failure because they have no viable candidates to defend their regression program.

We condemn the accusation without evidence

We oppose the unusual accusation based on a ridiculous PowerPoint and Moro confused sentence to order arrest by "conviction" without presenting a single piece of concrete evidence.

We condemn the lies of the media

We oppose the masses led by the Gloisiomy of Televisión, which disinforms the entire population day and night, manipulating information in the service of court coup and US interests.

We condemn Netflix propaganda

We oppose propaganda disguised as movies and series based on real events aimed at distorting facts to create a false historical story in the present

We condemn military intervention [1

9659003] We oppose the threat of retirees and active generals who run for Lula prison and are silent in the face of impunity. Aécio and Temer, ignoring the murder of Marielle Franco, rapporteur of the Commission who investigated and accompanied the military effort in Rio de Janeiro.

We condemn the legal authoritarianism

We oppose the decisions of arbitrary courts of the exceptional court founded in Curitiba through the operation "Lava Jato", which serves to burn the media lies, pursue political opponents of neoliberalism and major national companies.

We condemn North American disruptions

We oppose the cooperation agreement signed between the departments of the United States of America and the United States of America Promotors of Lava Jato, which investigates Brazilian companies to allow foreign multinational companies to settle in the country

We condemn the decline in rights

We oppose the reduction of pensions and the decline in workers' rights, closure of schools and universities, 20 years of freezing public investment in education, health and social security that this ruling government provides for banks and foreign Multinational Enterprises

We condemn the persecution of the poorest

We oppose the incentive for political hatred against the poor, black and peripheral people using rhetoric in the fight against drug trafficking, a process known as "Mexicanization" of Brazil

We left more collapse of democracy

We oppose the violent 1988 Constitution and election interruptions to try to get Lula out of the political conflict by installing new electoral rules that will extend the campaign period from 90 to 45 days to reduce the political renewal of national Parliament

We condemn Putschist Agreement

We oppose the agreements reached with the Putschist sectors and are not trustworthy. We have no reason to believe that they will respect these new agreements if they have already betrayed all previous agreements. It is very naive to negotiate the surrender of Lula and believe that they will respect the agreements.

We will put pressure on decision makers

In order to change the current situation, it is necessary to exert very popular pressures and to learn to use the method of active non-violence in a massive and systematic manner, which in any case demands that the constitution and all human rights be respected.

We're going to look at the future

No prison shall be the heart, thoughts or thoughts of a person like Lula who, despite the many contradictions of his government – something that we often criticize – does not deserve to be treated unfairly and illegally as it is being treated. 19659002] We will form large fronts

By this time we must understand the current context and merge to form an extended front against fascism and the rule of law. Itarism, which emphasizes the formation of strong groups in all parliaments and is strongly present in peripheral and rural areas.

It is necessary not to follow

It is a duty to resist unfair prison. The one who broke the law is the one who condemned without proof without respecting the constitution.

When the decision is unfair, it is right not to obey

The position of the Humanist Party in Brazil

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