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Benffi's party warns against "a passage in force"

The party "Taliou El Houriyet" from former Algerian prime minister Ali Benflis expressed his "concern" about the crisis and instability characterizing Algeria and his government last Saturday.

A statement that followed the meeting of his political presidency "Talaiou el Houriyet" notes "with concern the multiplication of signs curing a new" coup "force of political power to ensure its survival, in connection with the end of the presidential election" by 2019 . "If this is confirmed, it can worsen the global crisis in our country and engage it in the unknown," he warns.

Referring to the recent reorganization of the government, the opposition party described it as a "non-event" and "without particular political interest" and believed that "the change of the four ministers does not follow an efficiency logic, but considerations of which only power holds the secret."

In the economic chapter, Talaiou El Houriyet argues that "continuous replication in government structures and fluctuations in the field of economic decision making will likely seriously raise public credibility to the crisis and contradict the leader's statements to improve the business climate in our country."

He was also "concerned about the government's instability that particularly affects the economic sectors in the region. Current crisis situation". "It is outrageous that the tourism sector, which is the key to the diversification of the planned economy, is familiar with its seventh minister since the beginning of the crisis, and the trade sector is also experiencing a change of the boss for the seventh time, while the sector is at the heart of reducing imports to reduce budget deficit, "argues the political agency.

Benffi's party is wondering if this "officials in these two ministries are not victims of lobbying around the decision centers," with the argument that "the first because he showed his intention to fight those who took advantage of the reason for the country belong to the zones of tourist extension and, secondly, to have touched the interests of import clubs. "

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