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Baraqueville. Expo Tree: the formula takes root

Change is sometimes good. And it is not volunteers in the organization association in the 24th edition of Tree Expo who will say the opposite. Neither do the 65 or so exhibitors. They did not find time to breathe yesterday, so crowded were the crowds in the alleys and around the places that were built during the Raymond-Lacombe space in Baraqueville. This is something to please the organizers of this event devoted to trees and everything that touches them from near and far. The traditional two-day event was shortened by one day. "In the absence of new volunteers involved in the organization, we were led to wonder if we would focus the animation on a single day," says President Gerard Mercadier.

Free entry

"On asked elders and exhibitors. And almost everyone agreed to try the experiment and today we do not regret it, the volunteer continues to be pleased to see that the visitors have answered in numbers. And if there were so many of yesterday, it may also be because the entrance to Tree Expo is now free. "We do not do everything to make money," says the president. For us, the most important thing is that we succeed in balancing the budget. But also and above all that the exhibitors are located financially. And on one or the other, it seems to be going, "he says with a smile.

Even more cinema

The new formula has proved itself, by Consequently, it will be renewed next year, for the 25th edition.

A new edition that, as the President knows, will be even more focused on organic products. "Every year they take a bigger place in the event and it's good," says the president, who is also one of his strongest supporters. The educational seminars for children will also be renewed. As all success with this event

The Association is looking for volunteers if you are tempted to join the team: [email protected]

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