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At the UN, Emmanuel Macron demands that he is not satisfied with the “multilateralism of the word”.

“There is no miracle solution to destroying the contemporary order. “”

; Recorded in a speech in connection with 75e The United Nations General Assembly (UN), which this year was reduced to a series of video monologues above, presented Emmanuel Macron his vision of international relations during a period of health and economic crisis.

Six weeks before the US presidential election, which causes many burning problems, on Tuesday, September 22, the head of state presented a very long roadmap, which was traditionally presented at the ambassadors’ conference at the end of August this year. It specifically revolves around the concept of sovereignty: the European Union (EU), which must be consolidated in order to exist between the United States and China, and the other peoples of the Russian periphery in the Middle East. Orient, whose legitimate ambitions France wants to support without interference.

For the French president, Covid-19 has introduced a new global reality, “Clear, brutal, really dizzying”. According to him, “All the crimes that existed before the pandemic – the apparent shock of the powers on the ground, the questioning of multilateralism or its instrumentalisation, the trampling of international law – have only accelerated and deepened.” For six months. This trend is particularly reflected in “The lack of our collective action”.

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It is represented in the heart of the UN, in the Security Council, paralyzed by its divisions. The adoption of a symbolic solution to a global ceasefire in conflicts took months of negotiations. “I think it’s so hard to agree on so little …”sighed the French president. The Elysee Palace also fought in vain behind the scenes for the meeting in the “P5” countries – the five permanent members. “Two of them preferred to show their rivalry for collective efficiency”, lamented Emmanuel Macron, referring to China and the United States.

The French president praised the “historic step towards unity, sovereignty and solidarity” that the EU has taken during the crisis

The head of state refuses to allow himself to be locked into the now widespread paradigm of a Sino-American confrontation that takes precedence over all others.

I’m looking for your wishes “The basis for a new contemporary consensus”, Emmanuel Macron no longer considered it necessary “Be content with a multilateralism of words that only allows us to accept the lowest common denominator”.

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