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Arab foreign ministers condemn Turkish aggression in Syria

Arab foreign ministers on Saturday condemned Turkey's "aggression" on Syrian territory, adding that they are considering urgent action to deal with it.

In a resolution released following an emergency meeting of its Foreign Ministerial Council, the Arab League condemned "Turkey's aggression on Syrian territory", which, according to the organization, constitutes "flagrant violation of the principles of the UN Charter and Security Council resolutions calling for the preservation of Syria's unity" and independence, in particular Resolution 2254 ".

The Turkish offensive constitutes "a direct threat to Arab national security", emphasizes the document and adds that all Syrian efforts to deal with this aggression are "an application of the inherent right of self-defense in accordance with Article 51

of the UN Charter ".

In its resolution, the Arab League Council calls for the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Turkish troops, and expresses its categorical rejection of all Turkish attempts to forcefully introduce demographic changes in Syria.

The Arab organization also said it was considering urgent action, including diplomatic and economic measures, as well as "military cooperation to deal with Turkish aggression".

The Arab Council also decided to instruct the New York Arab Group to investigate ways to combat Turkish aggression with the various UN agencies, in particular the Security Council.

The Council of the Arab League also decided to permanently put the issue of "Turkish interventions in the Arab countries" on its agenda and to set up a monitoring committee.

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