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Anxiety and anger among students News | Nouvellisten

At the same time worries concern among the institution's 14,000 students. On Monday morning, the students held a rally in front of the main entrance on the campus to which several professors participated and several teachers from the university network that came to support it.

UQTR told Nouvellisten that it has agreed to meet students, Monday afternoon, at the request of the General Student Association.

The organizers of the student demonstration claimed that the current situation "reflects a much deeper problem than students recovery." University of Quebec. Quebec University must juggle massive budget cuts. They are invited to do more with less. We train education in Quebec, and now we hold in hostages. This is unacceptable, "said Valerie Deschamps, a member of the group of five students who organized the demonstration on Monday.

Please note that a letter signed by 369 people will be sent to the university executive requesting the immediate end of the lockout. Students will also submit an application signed by more than 2,000 citizens from all over Quebec. They also compile a document that illustrates the consequences of lockout on the various programs.

The students are actually the ones most punished by this decision of the management, starting with the international students.

Mohamed Ali Hadji in Tunisia, who has just completed an MBA in Business Administration, as well as his colleagues from abroad who came to study at UQTR, has a state study permit valid only for the study. In his case, he must have the diploma by 30 August 201

8. "If I can not get this, I have a problem with the Canadian immigration administration," he says. "I just finished my dissertation and I'm waiting for my deposit."

"We pay four times more than Quebec students, or $ 6000 per session. Our parents focus heavily on this project and we work hard." I met all the requirements of the university. "With lockout all my situation is blocked now," he fools . "For us it's blackout."

If the teachers do not deliver the results, "it's the total blocking", says Assila Nawfel in Morocco, a marketing student who has no money to extend indefinitely in Quebec without having to work full time. However, Canadian study education does not allow it.

Le Nouvelliste also met two Chinese candidates whose study permits also expire at the end of August. One of them must return to their country without diploma if nothing is resolved on time.

An application circulates among international students. "We ask, like all college students, the board to lift this lockout," said Nawfel

Shweta Todkar, who came from India to realize her dream of studying at a Canadian university, a difficult act for a woman in her country she says, is a nurse and studies biomedical sciences for the second year. The delays made him extend his studies. She had a $ 50,000 scholarship to study here. She will have to ask for another.

Lyne Cloutier, Professor of Nursing, has 167 students alone waiting for her winter sessions. "I had 130 enrolled for a course given in the summer, they hamper at the speed of lightning. They will have to wait for next summer to resume the course, which will affect their ability to get a job in practice," she says. [19659003] Professor Cloutier also predicts a disturbance in practice since it will be impossible to double the capacity. There will be no more children or palliative care to accommodate student practitioners delayed by lockout, she argues.

Lysandre Lauzon, a master's student in spoken pathology says that in their program a summer period of 10 higher education credits is mandatory. Only three are left. "Everything is shut down," she says, worried about how it will happen after the lockout. "These are already irreparable effects. The longer we wait, the greater the impact, she says.

Synda Ben Affana, professor at the Department of Letters and Social Communication and Head of the Undergraduate Program, says she feels like someone who ran a marathon and stopped suddenly. This marathon is the intense end of the session that she can no longer do, a situation that affects morale.

The Environmental Science Student Group wrote to the board of UQTR, May 4, to also demand immediate cancellation of the lockout and note all the effects of this gesture for May: termination of seminars and workshops as well as cancellation of an International School on the Ecology of St. Lawrence River and a colloquium of the Research Group on Watershed Interactions – Aquatic Ecosystems

Quebec Solidaire, Valérie Delage and Steven Roy Cullen graduates were present at UQTR, Monday, to support students.

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