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Anti-Semitism: Dwyane Wade explains his statement in support of Nick Cannon

The last stand of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had still hit the nail on the head, so many examples of black celebrities giving anti-Semitic speeches multiply.

The latest illustration with Nick Cannon, who sang the praises of Louis Farrakhan, the controversial leader of the Nation of Islam in his podcast, and discussed several theories about the anti-Semitic conspiracy.

During the process, the rapper / producer / actor / presenter was fired by ViacomCBS, which condemned his “Hate speech”

;, and Mariah Carey’s ex-husband apologizes to her “Jewish Brothers and Sisters” while I explain it “The moment has been stolen and diverted so that a black man who speaks sincerely acts as an example. I will not be bullied, silenced or constantly oppressed by an organization, group or company. I am disappointed that Viacom does not understand or respect the power of the black society. “

Dwyane Wade quickly tweeted in support of Nick Cannon and explained to him “To be with him” while you ask him to “Continue to be a leader”.

What triggers a scream, which forces the retiree of Heat to quickly delete his message and then explain himself.

« I want to clarify my now deleted tweet. I did not support or endorse Nick Cannon’s words, but I did express my support for owning the content and brand he helped create. I responded too quickly without getting full information about his malicious anti-Semitic remarks. As you all know, I have NO tolerance for hate speech! “

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