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Angevin Fabrice Amedeo and Eric Péron tenths of Transat Jacques Vabre 2019 – Angers Info

Fabrice Amedeo and Eric Péron, 10th at Newrest-Art & Windows – TJV 2019
© Jean-Marie Liot / Alea Peron celebrates 10th place in the Imoca category in the Transat Jacques Vabre 2019 on November 1
1, 2019 in Bahia, Brazil. Transat Jacques Vabre is a sailing duo from Le Havre, France, to Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. (Photo by Jean-Marie Liot / Alea)

It is this Monday morning at 05h16 minutes 07 seconds (Paris time), in the heart of the night in Brazil, that Fabrice Amedeo and Eric Péron cut the line of Transat Jacques Vabre's arrival. After 14 days 16 hours 01 minutes and 07 seconds of competition, Newrest – Art & Windows men held tenth place in the Bay of All Saints after an exciting final. Their perfect understanding from end to end, the choices inspired by a southern alternative in the Bay of Biscay and a negotiation by the Doldrums in the east allow them to make a beautiful copy at this Route du Café. A result with the way that also marks the intersection of a new course in the preparation of the second Vendée Globe Fabrice Amedeo, whose departure will be given in less than a year.

After leaving the Port of Le Havre on October 27, Fabrice Amedeo and Eric Péron had clear goals in mind: to sign the best of the competitions, to sail without any regrets, and to continue preparing for the Vendée Globe 2020. Almost 15 days later the contract is more than filled! On the sporty side, the Newrest – Art & Fenêtres skipper has excelled in the Atlantic game, playing the right moves and finding the beautiful inspirations. "To succeed with this Transat, we had to check two squares," Fabrice summed up upon arrival in Brazil. The first one was to go to a southern alternative in the Bay of Biscay and the other to go east to Doldrums. which explains why we make a pretty good run. "A statement by Eric Péron:" We are quite happy with the pace we have been able to put in. It was interesting to see that we were in the right group, even though we were sometimes a little out of the way "Because of lanes that are not accurate enough. It's a little regret we can have, adding small technical hazards that may come to an end to prevent us from hanging the front car. But overall we can be satisfied." [19659004] Until the end, they will have struggled to finish with the art and the road. A high-voltage finish that they had to deliver without the big jenker tore to Cape Verde's passengers and whose absence punished them for the conclusion and prevented them from hanging one or two places better. At the Brazilian pontoons, the two sailors talked about this little frustration, but were happy to touch the ground.

A first reference race in Imoca

This result was also made possible by this fixed and flawless agreement between the two men who competed for their second Transat Jacques Vabre municipality. From Le Havre to Salvador de Bahia, cohabitation will not reveal neither excitement nor fatigue, which not only allows to live this race fully, but also does everything possible to take another step on the Vendée Globe's path for the creator of Newrest – Art & Windows. "This beautiful Transat Jacques Vabre is obviously rewarding work, but also a great contribution to Eric," commented Fabrice Amedeo. From the beginning we sailed as we always sailed together as we start to have some experience with each other. We did our race without worrying about others and try to be as efficient as possible. From the first night, we fell asleep, we had our automatons with each other. It's like our navigation. We didn't make a big mistake, always constant and it gives this nice Transat! This will be a first reference race in Imoca that shows me how to move on for next year in view of Vendée Globe. "

Co-skipper Fabrice Amedeo on this transatlantic double, Eric Péron will continue with him a collaboration which he also allows easy success : "With Fabrice we are really at the same wavelength, it was really nice. At no time of this Transat Jacques Vabre have we forgotten that it was n good rehearsal for Vendée Globe next year. The lines for the future will be defined to ensure that Fabrice continues her progress on this solo world tour.

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