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Ammouta, master of communication art

If he had sprayed Champomy, no one would have liked it. But that, no, the outflow of joy for a simple torment, too little for him. It is rare for a coach, just as arrived, to metamorphose a team that stopped steam slowly but surely in the machine to win after just a few matches. Thus, Houcine Ammouta, for his first goal at the head of the national team for local players, has led a highly oiled collective towards a qualification for the next issue of CHAN, which he is the title holder, in Cameroon, confirming his reputation as the winner.
But the Moroccan trainer who has been successful everywhere he went, armed with humility before turning to the microphone. An attitude contrary to his alter ego from the national team A. Structured and very informative, his speech, and that is his credit, gave pride to his players who obviously are not as empty as we say. The midfielder's uninterrupted activity, including Laarbi Naji, is the perfect example. An impression confirmed by the French technician in Algeria, Ludovic Batelli: "The Moroccan team was more powerful, faster and faster".
With steadfast solidity, Morocco left no chance for its opponent. The organization set up by Ammouta is for many, but natives of Khémisset consciously chose to highlight the provision of his protégés. "All players, including substitutes who came in during the game, exerted great physical or mental effort. They remained focused technically and tactically throughout the meeting," he said.
Physical, tactical and mental, all aspects that have crystallized the confusion of it Bosnian coach A, issued to Botola's players, unlike us, Houcine Ammouta, meanwhile, was not embarrassed by this game of comparisons, although his players were denigrated frontally and publicly a few days earlier. , without forgetting to place some hollow peaks: "The local players have shown through this match their willingness to be part of the national team A. Some of them offered a nice performance. And it is necessary to give them the confidence they deserve and work with them to strengthen the Atlas Lions.
Ammouta was also a corporatist when he said that Vahid Halilhodzic "is constantly showing interest in a number of players in the national championship." He also sent a clear message to the botolists: "The local player needs to work more with certain details so that he develops both individually and collectively, in order to ensure the local player's representativeness in the first sample". In general, Ammouta was, as usual, responsible for his communication and his handling of this double confrontation under pressure. And it is clear that since the restructuring of the national team he is the only one who has had a visible impact on his team. All these elements that make us say that he can have the right profile for A, except that he is not in the right position.

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