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Afghanistan: Legislative in fear of attacks – the world

Afghans over 18 years have been called since Saturday to enroll in schools and mosques: a first step planned for two months, beginning in major cities before districts and villages. Then it will be the candidate's turn.

In Kabul, armed police were sent in front of registration centers marked with the independent election commission logo (IEC) and the search is mandatory. Introduces Mohammad Hussein, 54 years old. He is one of the first to come to this school in Shar-e-Now, a residential and commercial area.

To the three green bracelets that greet him, he tends to tire a tired tazkira (ID card) "I want to take this opportunity to vote for a candidate who will bring change, someone trained too. Some members barely can speak, he says and receives the soft pellet that guarantees his registration. "In 201

0, I voted but it was a mistake, my MP did nothing. I want someone who works without asking for bribes, "he adds.

By the middle of the day, almost seven men had registered since the opening. No one in women, says Ajmir Khan, a young IEC employee at the reception.

Nato Support

If many Afghans want to get rid of a parliament (249 deputies), lazy and corrupt, whose mandate has expired for three years, they fear even more an investigation for nothing, confiscated by fraud and expose them to a renewed violence.

"Of course, uncertainty is our first challenge and our major concern, especially in rural areas," acknowledges the IEC President, Dr. Abdul Bay Sayad , in the heart of his powerful guarded society.

As much as the Taliban or the warriors in the Islamic state's group, they were responsible. "Local Potentials, Illegal Milits: Everyone Will Try to Interfere" He Between.

He's jälv hotas: "Every day I get a call. Deputies, small leaders … "We take your son away," "You are a dead man," he crumbled. "I have ten bodyguards with me, but no one protects my house or my family."

In rural areas, IEC staff, 12,000 people for the recording phase, 23 & # 39; 000 scheduled for voting days will be escorted by soldiers. "All security services have been mobilized and NATO forces have promised to provide security," the president assures.

Census is not updated

"We make every effort to trust the people," he continues. The Ulemas were called in reinforcements and in mosques on Friday, they called believers to attend the election meeting. President Ashraf Ghani, who proposed the Taliban to become a political party in accordance with a peace agreement, participated in them.

The promoters have an additional challenge: how many voters register? "We add 13 or 14 million," says Dr. Sayad. Estimate from the latest available demographic forecasts

The last census in Afghanistan dates back to 1979. Since then, four decades of conflicts have displaced Afghans when they have not fled in Pakistan and Iran. First, later in Europe and Turkey.

As a result, Central Statistical Office refers to almost 30 million Afghans. However, a study conducted by the United Nations from satellite imagery and a The number of indicators in the area would be 34 to 35 million, according to the local press, half of them in the voting age. 19659002] "Indispensable"

The study that essentially revealed "important changes" of settlement in some regions has not been published by the authorities. The question, "politically sensitive, would require a review of constituencies," says an international observer.

"Nobody expects perfect choices," warns a western official. "But the international community will ratify them because they are essential for the country's progress," he says. Begin by "leaving this elected parliament 2010". (ats / nxp)

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