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a police officer saves reflex on the highway

It was July 9th. Around 5 pm, Anthony Desperelle, a police officer from the Narbonne police, drives on the A61. He is on site and returns from Carcassonne where he had gone as part of his mission. Just a few kilometers from Narbonne, the man then saw a new vehicle of jumper on fire. “I started by warning the sexes,” said the person we could reach yesterday. “But when I passed the vehicle, I realized there was someone inside the passenger compartment.”

; If the driver is not unconscious, he will not get out of his van.

“I told him to come down, but he did not listen to me.” Anthony Desperelle then decides to stay in turn, near the immobilized vehicle. A risky decision, because we know how dangerous it can be to walk on the highway. The choice of police officer would, however, prove valuable, not to mention rescue. “When I got to the vehicle, I shouted at the driver again to get out, but he explained that I had a fire extinguisher with him and used it to try to put out the fire.” This 27-year-old man, who was anxious to save equipment, did not realize the danger of the situation: the vehicle also charged two cans of fuel and lithium batteries. “I then informed the driver that I was a police officer and that I was ordering him to get out of his van.” This time the affected party follows and escapes with some burns on the hands and forearms. But without the reflection of the Narbonne policeman, the story could have led to a much more serious toll.

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