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A dangerous malware on iPhone and Android dewormed by a teenager!

Researchers from publisher Avast have identified malicious software installed on 2.4 million smartphones that had already raised $ 500,000. It was a teenage girl who warned them after seeing a dubious TikTok account. Apple and Google have begun eliminating infected apps.

Since Jean de La Fontaine, we know we always need someone less than ourselves. Even in cybersecurity … Avast researchers have thus revealed that one harmful code downloaded over two million times in the app Store and Google Play had been discovered by … a young girl whose age was not revealed. She̵

7;s probably a teenager because you have to be at least 13 years old to be able to use this social network.

It uses Tick ​​thanks that the latter stayed in a user profile that advertised a dubious application. So she contacted Be safe online, a project in the Czech Republic that educates the children on online security, and they warned Avast. ” Thanks to this young girl who reported this TikTok profile to usin Jakub Vavra, an expert on Avast. His awareness and responsible actions are the kind of commitment we should all make to make the web a safer place. »

Profiles followed by hundreds of thousands of internet users

Behind this application was effectively hidden malicious software available for iPhone and Android. Its promise: to offer wallpapers, music downloads … The genre ofapplications which teens love. Except that they come with unwanted ads and it is impossible to uninstall them because they hide their icon once they have been downloaded.

In total, Avast discovered 11 applications which included this malicious program and the researchers also found users on Tick ​​thanks and Instagram who promoted it. In total, the latter had already managed to raise $ 500,000 because some of these applications were billed between $ 2 and $ 10. Contacted, Google claims that the apps have been removed from its platform. Page Apple, some applications were still available.

When it comes to TikTok and Instagram, they were contacted to delete the profiles of its “pirates”, one of which is followed by hundreds of thousands of Internet users. We found that TikTok had cleaned up and deleted the insulting accounts. On the other hand, the account on Instagram is still online.

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