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45 new cases of dengue fever in Reunion in one week

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The prefecture and ARS remind the population of the importance of continuing essential preventive measures: eliminate the nesting sites by emptying everything that may contain water, contact a doctor in case of symptoms, protect themselves and their entourage against mosquito bites. These preventive measures are especially important during this holiday period, when trips around the island are numerous.

Epidemiological situation on 4 August 2020

Almost 1

6,0000 confirmed cases since the beginning of the year including:

623 hospital admissions

1723 emergency visit

19 deaths including 9 directly related to dengue

The number of weekly stays decreases or is stable in the 19 municipalities concerned.

Dengue’s main focus

Southern region (30%)

Saint-Louis (La Chapelle, Le Bois de Nèfles, Cité Coco, Le Verval, Ouaki, Le Ruisseau Terres Rouges, Le Gol les Hauts)

Saint-Pierre (Chemin Stéphane, Bois Noirs, La Cafrine)

Les Avirons (Barouty, Fond Maurice)

L’Etang Salé (Ravine Sèche les Hauts, Pied des Roches)

Saint Joseph (Les Grègues)

La Petite Ile (Piton Goyave, Anse les Hauts)

Western Region (58%)

Saint-Paul (L’Eperon, Tamatave, Allotment Gayette, Le Bois de Nèfles, La Perrière,)

The crew (center, Camp Magloire, Fond de Bac, La Rivière des Galets)

Saint-Leu (Quatre Robinets, Grand Fond, Cap Lelièvre, Cité Pêcheurs, Etang Saint-Leu, Downtown, Dubuisson)

The Port (Cotur estate, EDF factory)

Northern regions (6%)

Saint-Denis (Vauban)

Sainte-Suzanne (La Grande Ravine)

Eastern Region (6%)

Bras-Panon (La Rivière du Mât)

ARS vector control teams continue their mosquito control efforts day and night by applying barrier measures against the spread of Covid. These treatments against the spread of mosquitoes are essential in the fight against dengue and must be accompanied by preventive measures taken by the inhabitants of Réunion.

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