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22h41 – Libya: Marshal Haftar returns to Benghazi after hospitalization in France

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Eastern Libya's strongman, Marshal Khalifa Haftar, returned Thursday to Benghazi (East) after hospitalization for at least two weeks in Paris. Haftar had not appeared publicly for a time and no new pictures of him had been published and gave birth to the rumors of his health that had flooded social networks in Libya. Libyan and foreign media had even announced their death, despite repeated denials of his spokesman and relatives, as well as the UN's Messenger for Libya, Ghassan Salamé. The exact duration and the reason for his post has not been specified. On his way down to Benghazi airport, Khalifa Haftar, smiling and wearing a black city suit, went to greet his generals, first and foremost General Abdelrazek al-Nadhouri, who released an attempted murder on April 1

8 in Benghazi. After a marriage guard and a red carpet, Marshal installed in a big honor of the airport where officers, parliamentarians and tribal dignitaries followed each other with greetings of welcome. Since the regime of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, Libya faces an unprecedented political crisis in combination with chronic insecurity. Two authorities are fighting for power: On the one hand, the National Unity Government (GNA) recognized by the international community and based in Tripoli, and on the other hand, an authority exercising power in the eastern part of the country with the Support of Marshal Haftar. Head of the Self-named Libyan National Army (ANL) and Islamists' Beasts in Libya, Mr. Haftar is accused of his rivals, including Tripoli, wants to establish a new military dictatorship in Libya. In 2017, after three years of fatal battles, ANL surpassed jihadist groups who had seized Benghazi. (Belga)

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