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21:51 – Algeria: Six deaths in 48 hours in floods

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Six people died the last 48 hours in floods caused by heavy rains that hit several regions in northwestern Algeria, announced Civil Protection on Thursday. Earlier assessment reported five dead but the body of a child missing was found Thursday afternoon, said Colonel Farouk Achour, spokesman for Algerian civil protection. He was with a 60-year-old man and a young girl, both dead, in a vehicle carried in the night by a wadiflod in the Tiaret region (330 km southwest of Algiers). ). On the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, three other people were killed in their vehicle transported by a flooded river, in the region of El Bayadh, about 800 km southwest of Algiers, according to civil protection. The rescuers must intervene to help many people caught by water in their homes or vehicles in the Tiaret region. One person was saved when she was caught in her car by the water in a tunnel. In the nearby Préfecture of Tissemelt, rescue workers evacuated 200 secondary schools from their establishment immersed by the water. The National Meteorological Office issued Tuesday a special weather forecast (BMS), which predicts Tuesday's stormy rain across several departments in Western Algeria, with a cumulative rainfall that can exceed 40 millimeters in 24 hours. (Belga)

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