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More than 70,000 NRA members are expected in Dallas to meet

Updated 3:13, Friday 4 May 2018

DALLAS (AP) – More than 70,000 members of the National Rifle Association are expected in Dallas for the group's annual meeting, which will be chaired by President Donald Trump. The event also draws protests, including those who have lost their loved ones.

Those participating in the United States most powerful gunlobby will listen to political talks, check out the latest firearms, participate in gun training courses and socialize. The meeting goes through Sunday.

A Look at What to Expect:


Trump will be heading for the group's leadership forum Friday and making its fourth visit in succession at the NRA meeting. He will be joined by Vice President Mike Pence, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and US Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn.

NRA officials Wayne LaPierre, Chris Cox and Dana Loesch will be among the about a dozen speakers on the forum, which is expected to last for about three hours. It will also be Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts and US Rep. Richard Hudson.

YouTube personalities Diamond and Silk, often featured on TV to promote Trump, will be on the forum, as well as Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, a group that maintains a watchlist of professors who accuse it of promoting "Leftist Propaganda" and Mark Geist, a veterinarian from Marine Corps, who survived the fatal 2012 attack on the American diplomatic consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

What to look at [19659010] The meeting will provide a window to the NRA's message and strategy before the mid-term election of the year.

NRA spent millions to help Trump, one of the country's most gun-friendly presidents, and the members had been hoping that more firearm constraints would soon be relieved.

But in the last 12 months, the Americans have witnessed the deadliest mass photography in modern American history, a gut-wrenching attack at a high school in Florida and bitterly divided po litic in Washington. These factors gave new speed to gun-control proponents and stopped the NRA's agenda, despite permanent GOP control over Congress and the White House. Corporate America has also responded, released many discount programs for NRA members or refused to sell products from the gun industry.

For the NRA, the meeting gives an opportunity to unite around the idea that members must push back to a liberal agenda trying to stamp their other rights of change. The audience consists mostly of hardcore gun-rights supporters.

The national priority priorities – allowing gun owners with a licensed hidden state to carry a gun in any state and facilitate restrictions on the sale of suppressors – remain unrolled. At the same time, the group has not lost any reason in the congress. Legislators have struggled to make even less adjustments to background control systems.

And just in late March, the NRA released its highest collection mission for more than a decade.


Several groups have announced plans to protest over the weekend.

The protests will include parents who lost children in the mortal shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida and during other scots. Teenagers from the Florida High School began to press on arms constraints almost immediately after a former student killed 17 people at school in February. The survivors have led a series of collections and marches, especially an event in Washington in March, which was anchor for a national protest day.

Students have pressured to raise the legal age to buy a rifle, restrict access to AR-style firearms and adopt other arms constraints. While there has been no federal movement, several states have adopted tougher weapons laws.

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