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Monique Samuels pulls Gizelle Bryant, calls her “illiterate” and fans react

Monique Samuels from The real housewives of Potomac is not here for the shadow of her co-stars. After Gizelle Bryant said that her latest single was about violence, Samuels publicly controlled her on Twitter. The Bravo star called Bryant out and her fans loved it.

Monique Samuels and Gizelle Bryant
Monique Samuels and Gizelle Bryant | Charles Sykes / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images / Gary Gershoff / Getty Images

What did Gizelle Bryant say?

Samuels just dropped his new single called “Drag Queens” but Bryant is not so happy with the message she has. According to the latter, the rap hit is about violence. When Bryant made an appearance on See what’s happening live, she explained why she does not support Samuel’s song.

“I was actually very disappointed because she was rapping about glorifying violence,” Bryant said. “At this point where we are with this country, there is no room for it. I was very disappointed and embarrassed for her. “

How did Monique Samuels respond to Gizelle Bryant?

Samuels tuned in to the Bravo evening show that aired after rhOP Season 5 premiere. After hearing what Bryant said about “Drag Queens”, she continued to draw her herself and explained the meaning of her song.

“For those who can actually READ … check out my lyrical video which is a hymn to stand up for yourself,” Samuels tweeted. “Those who are illiterate will think it’s about promoting violence.”

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Fans react to the drama

Things that heat up with Samuels coming after Bryant after he shadily took on “Drag Queens.” It did not take long before rhOP fans took part in the conversation to get their hands on the emerging feud.

“I had to listen to it again,” said one fan. “[Bryant] reaches and will say anything to make you look bad. Jealousy does not look good on her. She has been [envious] of you from day one. “

“Say it again!” exclaimed a viewer. “I was really like a girl? You reach. “

“They look so jealous, do not even let it bother you. Your family is too beautiful, ”a Twitter user added.

“It does not matter what you do, Gizelle will always find something negative about you,” commented another fan.

“Gizelle has obviously never heard the song. Thanks for the single Monique, it’s on my playlist to wake up, ”tweeted another viewer.

“It is clear that this song does not promote violence,” said another Twitter user. “To be brief, it is tough [“Drag Queens”] lives comfortably in their own skin. Gizelle, that was a reach. “

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Gizelle Bryant reacts to the big fight

If Bryant was extra shady for Samuels, it’s because she’s already taken a side. One of the big stories being marketed this season is a violent encounter between Samuel and Candiace Dillard. Bryant has gone sideways with the latter and recently drafted the big fight.

“What happened was nothing we ever thought we would see on this show or on this platform,” Bryant said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“So, like the beauty of what happened – if there’s anything beautiful about it – it’s allowing us to have deep conversations and true conversations about how we feel we’re portraying ourselves to the world and what we’re OK with and what we do. is not ok with. “

The real housewives of Potomac broadcast Sunday evenings at 21 ET on Bravo.

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