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“Moesha” fans say Countess Vaughn is the show’s true star

Moesha streams on Netflix and per social media user, Countess Vaughn is the real star of the show. Despite Brandy as the leader, fans praise Vaughn for her performance as Moesha’s smart best friend. Interestingly, Brandy and Vaughn did not come along during filming but their chemistry on screen is dynamic.

Countess Vaughn and Brandy on 'Moesha'
Countess Vaughn and Brandy on ‘Moesha’ via Twitter

Countess Vaughn on Moesha

Vaughn stars as Moesha’s best friend, Kim. The two have been best friends since kindergarten. While Moesha is an A-student and strongly committed to academics, Kim focuses on fashion and her social life. She is also a talented singer and in an R&B and hip hop group led by Moesha’s boyfriend, Q.

Although she is not fond of academics, she is witty, funny and lovable. She dreams of having her own clothing line and is proud of her appearance. Kim’s friends joke about her clothes and laugh at her for shopping at the local thrift stores.

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Kim’s social circle extends to being a boy crazy. From season 1, she is in love with her childhood friend, Hakeem Campbell. The two never leave despite Kim’s perseverance, but they become close friends. Kim’s constant boyfriend on the show comes in season 2 and they stay together for the rest of her time on the series.

At the end of season 4, Kim is accepted to Santa Monica College. Vaughn leaves the show for his own UPN spinoff, The Parkers. Spinoff documents Kim and her mother Nikki’s trip to college together. As a single teenage mother, Nikki is happy to return to college with Kim.

Fans praise Countess Vaughn’s performance Moesha

Netflix subscribers love all Kim bits. While Moesha gets slack for being a bad friend and causing problems, Kim gets all the praise on social media. Fans love everything about Kim, from her fashion – to her white – to her festive manner.

Kim on Moesha> Kim on The Parkers. I do not make the rules, “wrote one on Twitter.

“Kim Parker wearing a Moschino Monopoly Print Blouse,” wrote another.

“Kim’s costumes in ‘Moesha’ are truly legendary,” another chimed in.

“I’m so glad they gave Kim a spinoff. She made Moesha 10x more fun, “wrote another.

“Omg I’m in episode 2 and Kim is already stealing the show. Why is Countess Vaughn such a legend, ”asked another.

Brandy and Countess Vaughn did not agree during the filming of Moesha

As much as Vaughn steals the show, her lead role was in the midst of much controversy behind the scenes. During her time at the show, rumors spread about her dislike of Brandy.

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Brandy talked about the tension between the two in an interview with VIBE Magazine in 1998 and told the publication:

I think she is very funny, very talented. I just feel like she wants to be in the position I’m in. People say to her, “You’re the reason the show is successful.” And she’s told me before. And she called me a bitch – for my face. She said: “I’m the reason the show is successful, bitch.” In front of many people. And I looked at her like “Wow.” I could not say anything about her because I would not. She knows. She wakes up and looks at herself in the mirror and gets disgusted. I do not.

VIBE Magazine

Years later, the two seem to be on better terms. With conversations about a Moesha restart in action, it will be interesting to see if Brandy and Vaughn will repeat their roles for the show.

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