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Modern Warfare's new maps are much smaller camps

Today's major Modern Warfare update brings two new maps, and the free content feels like a small step forward for the heavily criticized multiplayer aspect of the new Call of Duty . [19659002Sompromisedtothenew Modern Warfare all maps will be free to all and released across all platforms simultaneously. But after launching last month, the big question has been: Will these maps be better than what the game launched with? The community has been very loud about campy matches and questionable map designs . While we only have two new maps to judge from, the added content feels like a step forward for Modern Warfare .

"Krovnik Farmland" provides diversity to the Battlefield style, 32v32 ground war as a map that scales the verticality of the gun wave. It's nice to have a map where the battle feels completely grounded. The farmland provides open spaces for snipers to play, but there is still plenty of coverage near the objective points of barges and silos. The rustic landscape gives me the vibes of "Seelow" from Call of Duty: World at War .

The farmland should feel refreshing for those players who are frustrated by the "Tavorsk District" map, which is a city in tall buildings and a skyscraper that you either love or hate, as it acts as a shooter paradise. You may think you have good protection when you secure an objective point, but then you die of a skyscraper snipe that you never saw coming.

The biggest complaints about nasty matches and map design are in standard multiplayer, where the maps are either too big, have a frustrating design or play too slowly. Modern Warfare definitely needs more maps tailored for standard 6v6 matches.

There are some players who love the slower style of this new Modern Warfare and it's fantastic, but I've never seen so many Call of Duty matches run the timer before I get close to the point limit. I personally have seen several games of Team Deathmatch at Hackney Yard and Gunner Runner ending at the 1

0 minute mark, and these are small cards that should easily play fast enough for a team to reach the 75-kill point limit to win.

A standard multiplayer map does not provide enough information to judge whether Infinity Ward's collection of DLC maps will be an overall positive addition, but they appear to be more appropriate. "Shoot-House" is designed for 6v6, pistols up close and gives players who have asked more for a mapping with three courses.

Shoot-House will be for fans of maps like "Nuketown" and "Shipment", where the small, symmetrical design is made for players who love to spawn trap for big kill streaks in small spaces. I was completely ruined in my first games, but all games moved fast enough so that the time limit was not reached. Switch from Black Ops 4 fast-paced gameplay, to review Modern Warfare 's original original maps, then back to fast action in Shoot-House requires an adjustment period, for safety .

In addition, this content release brings about several changes that help most maps feel better about playing. Everyone who has played the new Call of Duty has probably experienced the combination of timid matches and furious-inducing death strokes from excessive clay cores and shotguns. Today's update addresses many of these major problems that really punished players for moving.

Claymores are everywhere. Every doorway and every corner is suspect. The deadly equipment got the much needed attitude to better counter them. Now players can blast an enemy's mud with bullets without being a sacrificial lamb, as the blast from shooting mud is now deadly when in full health. The trigger and damage radius have also both been reduced to a much more reasonable range.

The ridiculously exaggerated 725 shotgun was finally nerfed to fit properly into the shotgun category, while it previously served more as a sniper throughout the map. Adjustments to operators' battle estimates, footsteps and a host of other tweaks to multiplayer should help players feel more confident moving around the maps.

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