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MMQB: Ravens' Lamar Jackson becomes the NFL's must-see QB

John Bazemore / John Bazemore -USA TODAY Sports (Reich), Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports (Jackson)

Lamar Jackson does not turn 23 years old until January, and there he was on Sunday, locked in a 13-13 tie, in one of The most difficult environments in pro sports, in inclement conditions, tell his coach to trust him. It was fourth-and-two, with less than 17 minutes left to play. And it's a good bet that every piece of coaching logic in John Harbaugh's head was counting to get whatever points he could in that spot.

Thing is, logic runs a 4.2 40-yard dash. Logic also does not have Jackson's penchant for playmaking, but does not have the resolve the Ravens have seen in their quarterback.

And that resolve is what Harbaugh saw just after he sent his field goal unit on to the field with 1: 50 left in third quarter in Seattle. Some quarterbacks might have retreated to the sideline satisfied with the Houdini act Jackson pulled in weaving and bobbing through the Seahawk defense for 13 yards, turning third-and-15 into that fourth-and-2 at the 8-yard line. But not this one. All Jackson showed was Harbaugh's genuine disappointment that he was finishing the job.

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