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MLBTR Investigation: Joe Maddon's Angels Tenure

Joe Maddon has made his fill work with the Angels earlier in his career. His club has cracked at least 90 wins in nine of those seasons and reached the season eight times. Whatever one thinks about a boss's influence on the profit-loss column, Maddon has certainly piloted many a high-flying aircraft.

Maddon supervised two lean years with the Rays before jumping from 66 wins to 97 and helping to form teams in a constant challenger. He was introduced somewhat later in the process with the kids. In Chicago, he was commissioned to arch a club that is filled with young talent ̵

1; but comes from five straight fifth places in a new stratosphere. During his first year, Maddon turned a record of 73-89 in 97-65.

There are similarities and differences in his new gig. Maddon's marching orders are essentially the same: replicate these 31-win (Rays) and 24-win (Cubs) bounces with Halos. It will take something almost as dramatic to get the L.A. organization back to the season for the first time since 2014. The club limped to a record of 72-90 in 2019 and has turned in four consecutive losing campaigns. In a stratified American league, it can take 95 wins or more to win the playoffs.

That's not to say it's deja vu again. Maddon's new Halos team is already led by established superstars, including the game's greatest player in Mike Trout his most fascinating talent Shohei Ohtani (coming back on the bolt 2020)), peerless defensive wizard Andrelton Simmons and slugger Justin Upton . The L.A. organization expects to have some resources to work with this winter and has one of the game's real elite perspective ( Jo Adell ) waiting in the wings. To be sure, there are needs – all over the pitching staff and especially behind the dish – but there are also resources to work with and a lot of talent already in place.

There will also be expectations. Maddon is no stranger to them after five years in Chicago. But his accusations fell shy of 2018 and especially 2019, the lone year when the Maddon-led kids became shy of the playoffs. Halo's owner Arte Moreno certainly has some patience considering what he has invested in this club. GM Billy Eppler manages the watch schedule for his job without a contract beyond 2020. And the clock ticks on Trout's twenty.

This issue is obviously a consideration of considerations that go far beyond Maddon's leadership. But his employment is beginning to be a sequel to an organization that has endured disappointment and recent tragedy. Maddon will be a high profile face. He will start with a three-year deal at a $ 12 million price tag – a significant commitment, but not quite the five-year, $ 25 million pact that drew him to Chicago.

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