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MLB teams struggling to contain outbreaks and a CEO say cases can be a “wakeup call”

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has even warned that the shortened season could be closed if the league and players do not improve their handling of the virus, ESPN reported.
And several teams have already been forced to press the pause button on previously scheduled games – including the “Field of Dreams” game in Dyersville, Iowa, which has been postponed until 2021.

The problem the team faces is not necessarily that the transfer takes place on the field, but rather when the baseball players travel together, said CNN Sports contributor Bob Costas.

“Teams that have opposed the Marlins and Cardinals have not had positive effects among their players because of that exposure,”

; Costas said. “It seems like it’s in groups. Teams traveling together, they’re on their way together or maybe breaking protocols to go out socially together. That’s where the biggest risk of transfer seems to be.”

“Baseball got the finger that if everyone followed the protocols, the nature of the sport did not mean so much contact, that they might be able to get through the shortened season,” said Costas.

Miami Marlin’s CEO Jeter offers an explanation

After 13 new cases have been reported in St. Louis Cardinal’s organization on Monday, Marlins CEO Derek Jeter spoke about his own team’s outburst and said he hoped it could serve as a wakeup call for the league.

“We have been given an opportunity to press the reset button, and as we move forward, we just can not make any mistakes,” Jeter said.

He attributed the cases between his team and staff to a “false sense of security”, saying he hoped the outbreak would serve as a wake-up call.

Major League Baseball season begins to be overshadowed by Covid-19

“We have seen first and foremost how contagious this virus is. After we left the spring training, we had many discussions,” said Jeter. “Part of our traveling party had a false sense of security and comfort in how they handled themselves when we left Miami.”

But Jeter also defended his team against rumors that players had acted irresponsibly while in Atlanta.

“There were no other guests at the venue. There was no rare activity. There was nothing to hang out in bars, no clubs, no running around Atlanta.

“What boiled down to this particular trip were guys who were around each other, they became relaxed and they released their guard. They gathered in groups, they did not wear masks as much as they should have, they were not social distance,” he said.

St. The Louis Cardinals postpone the game

On Monday, MLB announced that 13 members of St. The Louis Cardinals organization – seven players and six staff members – had tested positive for the virus.
John Mozeliak, St. Louis Cardinals, president of baseball operations, slammed rumors that players had gone to a casino before testing positive. “I have no objective reason to believe it to be true, and I have not seen any evidence of it,” Mozeliak said. “However, if anyone was at a casino, it would be disappointing.”

The team will remain in Milwaukee and will continue to be tested daily. They have postponed their scheduled game for the rest of the week and MLB is tentatively planning for the Cardinals to resume their season on August 7 against the Chicago Cubs.

The Philadelphia Phillies return to the field

Positive cases have also been identified in two Philadelphia Phillies employees after they played three games against the Marlins.
Miami Marlins season on hold after more players test positive for Covid-19

All activities at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia are suspended for the time being and the team took a week off after the Marlins outbreak was announced.

The Phillies returned to the field in New York to face the Yankees Monday after their games against the Toronto Blue Jays were postponed.

Phillies manager Joe Girardi said he has been in touch with his players while they are on the road playing the Yankees and encourages them to continue taking precautions against the virus.

“We told the guys to stay at the hotel as much as you can,” Girardi said, adding that the team will provide food and treatment for players at the hotel.

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