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MLB rumors: Ramon Laureano, Astro’s coach, is expected to be suspended

When the dust settled on Sunday’s bench-protected brawl between the A’s and the Houston Astros, the joke began with a typical territorial tone.

A’s boss Bob Melvin said Ramón Laureano would not have charged the Astros dugout and started a Coliseum kuffuffle had ‘Stros’ striking coach Alex Cintrón not said anything insulting. Cintrón reportedly said something about Laureano’s mother and thus started brouhaha.

AT&T Sportsnet Southwest analyst Mike Stanton did not see it that way. The 19-year-old MLB veteran and native Houstonian criticized Laureano, claiming that the emigrant should have hung up and run to first base after Astros pitcher Humberto Castellanos beat Laureano by a pitch.

“You’re a first-team, and you have a four-a-side game,” Stanton said Sunday at the AT&T Sportsnet Southwest show after the game. “You’re sweeping your biggest rivals. The last thing you want to do is sting the bear. Now they stopped finishing the sweep but as I said, there’s just no room for this. It was something completely uninvited for that. “was a beginner who threw a breaking ball that hit you in the back. Go to the first base, keep your mouth shut and finish the sweep.”

Stanton does not mention, as NBC Sports California’s Brodie Brazil did in the tweet above, that Castellanos beat Laureano twice. Brandon Bailey, who was sent the other way when the Astros traded Laureano for A’s 2017, also met Laureano once. NBC Sports California analyst Dave Stewart thanked Houston jokingly for “A’s Postgame Live” last week, and as Jimmy O’Brien noted in a video, Bailey liked Ben Ross’ tweet quoting Stewart. It’s not clear if that’s why O’Brien beat Laureano, but another hit-by-pitch really did not lower tensions.

Regardless of the root causes of Sunday’s mix, both A and Astros will likely face discipline for the not-so-socially distant donnybrook. “[Fighting] and inciting fights are strictly prohibited “according to MLB’s coronavirus protocol, and disciplined offenders will not have their penalties” reduced or increased based on the length of the season (60 games). “

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A: s and Astros play again in a series of three games starting on August 29. Depending on the importance of the book that MLB throws at each team, you should not necessarily expect a fracas on Friday night.

Then again, given the law did Just fighting in the middle of a global pandemic, a Houston hootenanny may not come off the table at the end of the month.

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