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MLB 2020 Proposal: The Cleveland Indians select SS Milan Tolentino with their fourth inning

CLEVELAND, Ohio – If there is an MLB draft in progress, you know the Native Americans will pick a shortstop. Makes two card stops.

After taking high school Shortstop Carson Tucker with his first round pick on Wednesday, the Indians chose another high school shortstop in Milan Tolentino with his fourth round pick on Thursday. Tolentino played a Santa Margarita Catholic high school in Mission Viejo, Calif.

The Indians drafted left-handed beating Tolentino with the 1

24th pick in the draft. He is 6-0 and 180 pounds and has committed to UCLA.

“He is the starting card stop for Team USA this summer,” said Scott Barnsby, Indian manager of amateur scouting. “He is an impressive versatile player. He has instincts, he has a good feel for the game above average. He is a left-handed hitter with the ability to recognize pitches and put the bat on the ball.

“Defensively, he is a reliable hand defender with an outstanding internal clock. It’s very fun to see him out in the field. “

Tolentino hit .347 and was 2-0 on the hill with six saves in 2018 during his junior year. Like challenger Petey Halpin, the Indians in the third round, he played in the High School All-Star Game at Progressive Field last year. His father, Jose, is part of the English-Spanish radio broadcasting team and played a year in the major leagues. Tolentino’s brother, Patrick, played in the tribe’s minor league system.

Along with Tucker and Tolentino, the Indians have a minor league system full of card stops, most of them below Class AA level. Maybe they’ll find a successor to All-Star Francisco Lindor in all of those bodies.

In fact, Tolentino told MLB Network that he modeled his game after Lindor.

“How he has fun, how he likes the game,” Tolentino said. “I like how relaxed he is, but he remains serious. It’s a good model. “

The Indians take outfielder Petey Halpin in the third round

The Indians take left-hander Logan Allen in the second round

The Indians take right hand Tanner Burns with compensation pick

The Indians take shortstop Carson Tucker in the first round

The Indians took Tucker with the 23rd overall pick Wednesday night. Then they took Auburn right-hander Tanner Burns with the 36th overall pick, followed by left-hander Logan Allen of Florida Institute (No.56) and Harpin (No.95) before choosing Tolentino.

The combined slot bonus for the tribe’s first five choices is an estimated $ 7.3 million. The tribe’s signing bonus pool is $ 7,662,800.

The deadline for signing players has been moved back to August 1st. The players who go through restructuring this year can be signed until the day they start their college classes. These players can only be signed for $ 20,000 and MLB teams cannot approach them until Sunday at 9am.

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