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Mitt Romney says Trump "has not occurred to office mantle"

Mitt Romney, the incoming Senator from Utah and the former Republican President's nominee, revived his rivalry with President Trump on Tuesday with an oped ed essay in the Washington Post where he said Mr. Trump "has not climbed to the mantle of the office." Days before joining a Republican controlled senate, and when the presidential president begins to take shape in 2020, Romney issues a pointed criticism of the president's character.

"With the nation so fragmented, annoying and angry, the president's leadership in character traits is indispensable," he wrote before his swearing on Thursday. "And it's in this province where that master's shortage has become most sharp."

The piece's time and tone abated by widespread speculation online, with some suggesting that Romney was aiming to position himself as "the new Jeff Flake," the outgoing Republican senator from Arizona publicly tangled with Mr. Trump. "

Or, others asked where Romney, a twice-presidential jumping signaling, he could try to challenge the president of the Republican primary election of 2020?

Brad Parscale, the campaign head of Trump's 2020 representative, quickly pushed back to Romney and said in a tweet Tuesday night that Mr. Trump had "rescued" the country while senator election could not.

"Jalousie is a drink served hot and Romney has just proven it," he said. "So sorry."

Mr. Romney and Mr Trump have long had a complicated political relationship.

Mr Trump has called Mr Romney "irrelevant" and once bragged that he was a more successful businessman. "I mean , my dignity is many, many, many times my Romney, "he said in 2011.

When Mr Trump ran for president in 2016, Romney called him a" false "and a" fraud. "In 2017, he radiated the president after the deadly white supremacist assembly in Charlottesville, Va.," For "racists to rejoice" and "minorities to cry."

But Mr. Trump supported Romney's 2012 presidential race, Consideration that the nominee said meant a "big deal."

The two tried to play well during a difficult dinner together at the end of 2016, when it was considered that Romney could be a candidate for state secretary in the Trump administration. Mr Trump Romney's campaign to become Utah's late senator – and Romney thanked him for approval.

Mr Romney's criticism at the beginning of the new congress was a dumb message to Mr Trump that one of his most obvious Republican critics from the 2016 campaign would soon have a profiled platform in Washington.

And while Romney Romney has largely renounced the kind of blowing attacks he did to Mr Trump two years ago, said the shore of the post that Utah's soon-to-be senator could be open for a third presidential campaign.

In fact, parts of the essay sounded like a primary challenge to Mr Trump of Romney.

"To resume our leadership in world politics, we must repair failures in our policies at home," Romney wrote. "That project, of course, starts with the highest office again to act to inspire and unite us."

However, at the beginning of the year before his re-election, Mr. Trump exposed to an intra-party risk. He is still popular among Republicans and even more among the party's most committed voters, those who are likely to vote in a primary.

But the president is also facing extensive investigations affecting almost all aspects of his life and with the Democrats in charge of the House, faced with a level of congressional scrutiny and surveillance which he averted during his first two years of service.

For most of the first two years of Mr. Trump's presidency, Republican legislators subdued their concerns over him or expressed them privately. But many of them never completely let go of their misconduct about their behavior.

To that end, Romney's prepared essay spoke to a concern that many leading Republican officials still have about Mr. Trump, worried that some lawmakers were finally publicly speaking last month after the president suddenly revealed plans to pull troops from Afghanistan and Syria.

Mr. Romney was also disturbed by developments over the past month, referring to the squad's recall and departures from senior officials such as Jim Mattis, defense secretary, and John F. Kelly, president's chief of staff.

The Trump Presidency made a deep descent in December, "he wrote.

While Romney clarified that Mr. Trump was" not my choice "for the Republican presidential election, he said he would treat Mr. Trump as he would someone Commander.

"I'm not going to comment on any tweet or error," he wrote. "But I will speak against significant statements or actions that are divisive, racist, sexist, immigrant, dishonest, or destructive to democratic institutions." [19659025]
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