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Missouri to hold session to consider impeaching governor

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – Missouri legislators will convene in a historic special session later this month to consider impeaching the Republican government Eric Greitens after allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse of charity resources for its political campaign.

Republican House and Senate leaders said Thursday night that they had gathered more than the constitutionally necessary signatures of three quarters of the members of each chamber to summon a special session that begins at. 18.30 on May 18 – just 30 minutes after the end of work in their regular session.

It will mark the first time in Missouri history as legislators have called a special session. Extraordinary sessions are usually called by governors.

"This was not a decision easily and certainly not without great deliberation and effort," said Missouri House Speaker Todd Richardson, stressing that a special investigation committee has engaged in a "fair thorough and early investigation."

This is where the facts led, "he added." We will not avoid doing what's right just because it's hard. "

The petition calls on the laws to consider the forthcoming recommendations of the House investigative committee on potential" disciplinary action "against the first term, the Republican governor, who could also include less appeals than persecution.

Various Speakers of the Greit did not respond immediately to the request for comments.

The special decision was signed by 138 of the current 161 house members and 29 of the current 33 senators, Richardson said.

The convening of a special session will enable the investigation committee to continue its work without worrying that it could be stopped arbitrarily at the end of the regular session.

According to the Missouri Constitution, the special session can not be longer than 30 days. If the House vote to impeach the Greit, which demands 82 votes, the Senate would then designate a panel of seven judges to test whether he would remove him from the office.

Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard said he has already had conversations with retired judges about the process of putting together a test panel.

"We are ready to do it if we are called," he said.

All Missouri's Supreme Republican and Democratic Legislative Leaders had already called on the Greit to resign, which he refused to do.

"Following a Missouri governor is a story none of us wants to do, but Eric Greiten's actions have made it inevitable," said the house minister Gail McCann Beatty.

A spokesman for republican state secretary Jay Ashcroft confirmed that the special decision had been filed in the office on Thursday night.

Only another Missouri official – former Democratic Foreign Minister Judi Moriarty 1994

The legislative announcement of a special session came a day after a house investigation committee released a report showing that the Greit had abused a donor list from a veteran charity he founded to raise money for his 2016 gubernatorial campaign. The report contained testimonies from a former aide's aide indicating the campaign, and incorrectly identified the source of donor list in a solution with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

This was the second amazing report from the parliamentary panel. Last month, it released a testimony report from a woman who claimed that the Greit had prevented, smashed, shaken, threatened and seduced her during a series of sexual encounters in 2015, which occasionally left her crying and scared.

The law is facing a May 14 trial in St. Petersburg. Louis on a felony invasion of integrity prosecution stemming from his encounter with the woman. He is accused of taking and transferring a partially naked and unauthorized photo of the woman while she was bound and bound in the house in her home. The greitens have confirmed that they have consent, but have denied crimes.

He was also charged on April 20th in St. Petersburg. Louis with a felonylated fee to manipulate data data allegedly revealing the Mission Mission Donor List to a Political Fundraiser 2015 without the state of Louis-based veterans charity that he founded.

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