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Mike Bloomberg would self-fund potential 2020 campaigns and create conflicts with other democrats

Bloomberg, which Forbes estimates worth more than $ 44 billion, spent their own money on their three successful Mayor bids. Billions are now considering driving for the 2020 democratic presidential election and have said he intends to decide whether to run in "another month or so."

On Friday, when traveling to Austin, Texas, for a philanthropic journey, Bloomberg told reporters that if he drove, he would do so by spending his own money.

"When it comes to running for offices, I ran three times. I just used my own money, so I didn't have to ask anyone what they wanted a contribution to a grant," he said, referring to a practice that seems be a consequence of federal bribery law. "The public liked it every time they chose me. And if I ran again, I would do the same."

Bloomberg added: "I don't think having to adjust what you say and what you're working on based on who funded your campaign is one of the things that the public really likes and that's the right way to go. be self-financed, but the ones I can think of. urged Democrats to reject candidates using super-PAC or self-funds their campaigns.

"I think this is a moment for all democratic candidates when they enter the race to say: In a democratic primary, we will tie weapons and we will pay at the grassroots level. No to the millionaires," said Warren at MSNBC's " The Rachel Maddow Show "earlier this month.

She added:" No to billion's ires, whether they are self-financing or whether they fund the PAC. We are the Democratic Party, and it is the people's party. This is how we not only win elections, that's how we build movements that make real change. "

The call was quickly picked up by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, a liberal group adapted to the Warren 2020 run.

The Warren call was seen as a direct shot by Bloomberg and billionaire Tom Steyer, who announced this week that he would not

The attacks on Bloomberg have not ended with Warren.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent independence in Vermont considering a 2020 run, has routinely hit the "billionaire class" and made attacks as a central part of his 201

6 campaign against Hillary Clinton.

And Connie Schultz, the Democratic Senator's wife and possible 2020 candidate Sherrod Brown of Ohio, joked tweeted last month about men trying to "buy" the presidency. [19659002] "I want a man who wants to buy a presidency, I have thought carefully," she wrote. 19659002] Bloomberg's pennet over $ 100 million in Democrats in 2018, money that Republican operators believe helped the Democrats take back the House of Representatives in November elections.

If Bloomberg chooses to run, the price tag for a full presidential campaign is likely to surpass what he spent just two years earlier.

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