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Microsoft Releases New Windows 10 Preview With Edge, Notepad, Remote Desktop, and Login Enhancements

Microsoft released a new preview for computers with Edge, Notepad, Remote Desktop, Login, Windows Defender Application Guard, and Inking. This design is from the RS5 department, which represents the Windows 10 update that the company plans to release later this year.

Windows 10 is developed as a service, which means that it regularly receives new features. Microsoft has released five major updates so far: November Update, Anniversary Update, Creators Update, Fall Creators Update, and April 2018 Update.

Edge has got autoplay controls for each page, which means you can now control autoplay permissions in one location by clicking the info icon or lock icon on the left side of the address bar and turning "manage permissions." There is also a new wordbox feature so you can look up definitions when reading a web page or document by simply selecting a single word, or even reading the word high to hear the correct pronunciation. Edge PDF reader has got enhanced toolbar options, the ability to pin or unlock the toolbar, and make performance fixes.

Notebooks have found / replace enhancements: an option to make cover find / replace, remember past entered values ​​/ status of checkboxes and automatically fill in the search dialog with selected text. Notepad now also has options for zooming text (View => Zoom, or use Ctrl + Plus, Ctrl + Minus and Ctrl + MouseWheel). Additionally, you can now see the row and column numbers when Word Envelope is enabled, performance improved when large files are opened, and Ctrl + Backspace removes the previous word. In the case of bug fixes, the arrow keys now point away the correct text first, then move the cursor, save a file in the notepad, no longer reset the line and column number to 1, and display lines that do not fit completely on the screen are displayed correctly.

Azure Active Directory and Active Directory users using Windows Hello for Business can now use biometry to authenticate a remote desktop session. Just record remote desktop connection (mstsc.exe), type the name of the computer you want to connect to, click Connect, and if you signed up with Windows Hello for Business you will be able to use it again (click on "More Options" to choose alternative tasks).

Web login is a new way to log in to your Windows computer. So far, Windows login only supported the use of identities that are federated to ADFS or other vendors supporting the WS-Fed protocol. To test web login, Azure AD Connect your Windows 10 computer, enter the CSP / Authentication / EnableWebSignIn policy, select Web Login under Login Options on the lock screen and click the "Login" button. [19659002]

In terms of login, Microsoft has also introduced "Quick Login", enabling users to log in to a common Windows 10 computer faster than ever before. To try it, create a shared or guest computer with Windows 10, enter the CSP / Authentication / EnableFastFirstSignIn policy and log in to your computer with your account.

Windows Defender Application Guard has a new Windows Security user interface that allows standalone users to install and configure their settings without having to change registry keys while users managed by company policies can check their settings to see what their administrators have configured for their machines.

The embedded handwriting panel, introduced first with the Windows 10 April 2018 update and refined in the RS5 department, has become standard text input with a stylus in modern applications. Just click on a text area and it will expand to give you a convenient area to write.

This desktop also contains the following general bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed a problem where the status of a Narrator command such as switching scanning mode on and off, volume up and down, voice speed, change of verbosity and context comma-sity commands can not be announced when it's running.
  • Solve a problem where you can see pixel-colored lines in floating shadows depending on where the popup user interface has been invoked.
  • Solve a problem where some of the text on the Settings> Privacy> File System page under "Allow apps to access your file system" has some unusual characters instead of spaces.
  • Performance improvements when loading the Language Settings page.
  • Solve a problem where powercfg / batteryreport missing numbers in some languages.
  • Solve a problem that caused some apps to fail to update via Microsoft Store with error 0x8007019A if the update was paused and resumed.
  • Adjusted the layout of the "Settings and more" / "…" menu in Microsoft Edge so that the text "New inPrivate window" no longer be cut and added tips about keyboard shortcuts to create a new window and a new inPrivate- window.
  • Solve a problem where imported favorites in the Microsoft Edge Preferences field may not always fill in favors.
  • Solve a problem that could result in an unavailable in Private Window if created by dragging an inPrivate tab from an existing Microsoft Edge window.
  • Solve a problem that resulted in comments with markdown on github.com that does not preview correctly in Microsoft Edge.
  • When you look at the certificate information for a website in Microsoft Edge Text, you can now select it to copy it if necessary.
  • Solve a problem that results in some sites displaying an unexpectedly small blank tool tip when you hover over text fields in Microsoft Edge ip
  • Fixed an issue where Ctrl key combinations on the wide keyboard layout do not work in the site's text fields when using Microsoft Edge.
  • Solve a problem that caused an open PDF in Microsoft Edge to crash in the previous flight if you right-clicked the PDF to get the general context menu.
  • Fixed a high striking DWM crash in the previous flight.

Today's update strikes Windows 10 Building Number for the RS5 Division from 17711 available for Testers July 6th) to build 17713.

This building has 19 known issues:

  • Window Recovery Environment (WinRE) is unavailable and causes recovery / reset scenarios to be blocked. "Restore this computer" and "Advanced boot" option under Settings -> Update and Security -> Recovery is affected and not working as designed.
  • You can see some unexpectedly bright colors in File Explorer and Common File Dialogue when you are in dark mode and / or dark on dark text.
  • In some cases on multi-monitor computers, all windows can be displayed "up" and the mouse inputs in the wrong place. The solution is to use Ctrl + Alt + Del to retrieve the task screen and then quit. Repeat if necessary.
  • When upgrading to this building, you will find that the activity bar (network, volume, etc.) no longer has an acrylic background.
  • Some users can not enable / disable HDR display support.
  • Programs that use ICC color profiles can be disturbed by errors such as Access Denied. This includes the color management and color control control panel switching of certain surfaces.
  • When using Ease of Access Make text larger setting, you can have text clip problems or find the text that does not increase in size anywhere.
  • You may find that when you interact with any "…" menu in a modern app (such as Microsoft Store), click the items only from the menu. While the menu is open, if you move the mouse to the opposite side of the app, you should find a place where the menu options will be highlighted and you can interact with the menu. You can also use the keyboard while the menu is open to interact with it.
  • Delivery Optimizer Icon in Settings is broken in this building (you'll see a box).
  • If you install any of the latest builds from the fast and switches to slow ring – any content like activating developer mode fails. You need to stay in the Quickbar to add / install / enable any content. This is because optional content is only installed on buildings that are approved for specific rings.
  • The speaker's talk talks when they wake up from hibernation.
  • When Quick Start Protocol is started, scanning mode may not be reliable.
  • When Using Scanning Mode, you may experience multiple stops for a single check. An example of this is if you have a picture that is also a link. This is something we work actively with.
  • If the Narrator key is set to Just Insert and you try to send a Narrator command from a Braille, these commands will not work. As long as the Caps Lock key is part of the Narrator key, the braille functionality works as designed.
  • There is a known problem in automatic dialog reading where the dialog's title is spoken more than once. [19659012] The Fraud counter is sometimes not displayed correctly over known games.
  • The CPU chart shows an incorrect percentage of usage in the upper left corner.
  • The charts in the game field performance panel are not updated immediately when clicking tabs.
  • The user's gamerpic is not displayed properly, even after signing in.

Do not install on your production machine as always.

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