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Microsoft kills Cortana for Android and iOS

  Too late, Microsoft Voices Support for Cortana

Microsoft announces the death of Cortana's mobile apps today. The company shuts down Cortana for Android and iOS in early 2020.

The news comes shortly after the company announced some major integrations of Microsoft 365 and Cortana about the integrated Cortana into other mobile apps such as Outlook.

Cortana's dead Android and iOS apps will also mean that some of its features will be removed from the Microsoft Launcher app on Android. However, the company does not close the app everywhere. In fact, it looks like the Cortana app will continue to exist for them in the US – currently, anyway. And as the MSPU reports, the Cortana app seems to be disappearing only in some countries like the UK, Australia and Canada. It is possible that the app will also be turned off in other markets.

Cortana's mobile apps will officially disappear on January 31, 2020. It's definitely not surprising to see Microsoft kill Cortana's mobile apps though. Lately, the apps were just really useful for controlling Cortana devices like Surface Headphones. The move is quite interesting as Microsoft is still working on a brand new Cortana app for Windows 10. It seems that Microsoft's strategy for Cortana going forward is to integrate the personal assistant in useful ways in its other services instead of making it a "standalone" "Assistant like Google Assistant or Siri. It's a change that many Cortana fans probably won't enjoy.

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