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Microsoft Flight Simulator for PC will be shipped on 10 discs

The physical release of Microsoft Flight Simulator will come in 10 disks. In a forum post from the official retail partner for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Aerosoft administrator Mathijs Kok wrote that the physical release will include “10 (!) Double-layer DVDs and a printed manual in a spectacular box,” to help introduce fans to ” the flight simulation of the new age. “

Kok later clarified that the 1

0 discs contain about 90 GB of the game’s “world and aircraft”, which make up the bulk of the game’s assets, with the actual simulator code “quite small in size.”

This means that fans with a slower Internet connection can install Microsoft Flight Simulator without downloading the files from Microsoft’s servers. According to Kok, there is “no difference between boxed retail and the version MS sells directly.” This is good news for Microsoft Flight Simulator fans who do not have access to fixed internet, but it is still quite news to see a game coming on so many discs in 2020, when digital downloads are only growing in popularity.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Alpha Tester Screenshots

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s release date was recently revealed, and the game was launched on August 18 for Xbox One and PC. The physical edition will begin shipping shortly after the game’s release, from around August 21st. You can check out all the details about the three different editions of the game here.

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