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Microsoft enables Android call synchronization in Windows

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A major reason why iPhone users stay within Apple's ecosystem is that all of its devices communicate with each other . Microsoft's app for your phone helps you get similar connections between Android and Windows devices. And with the latest update, it's better than ever.

Android users can now sync their phone calls with their Windows computers. Right now, the feature is open to the Windows Insider community, but it should be available to everyone else soon.

This new feature allows users to answer, initiate and decline Android phone calls from their computers. The app can also send a custom text to rejected callers or send them directly to voicemail. Users can even transfer calls between their computers and smartphones on the go.

To take advantage of this, users must have Android 7 or later, Windows 10 PC build 18362.356 or later, and both devices need Bluetooth support. The feature has some bugs right now, but Microsoft should fix them soon.

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Blog page Thurrott noticed that Microsoft released the ability to inline respond to notifications a few months ago with the Your Phone app. This was a critical feature that was missing at the launch of the app.

With Android call synchronization and Windows inline responses, users are one step closer to Apple-level device communication (though we're still pretty far away from that). And now that Microsoft recently announced an upcoming Android device, we expect your phone app to improve greatly next year.

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