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Microsoft demos its bid to create "secure" voting systems

Once you have cast your vote with either the Surface or the Controller, ElectionGuard uses homomorphic encryption to count the poll while encrypting the data. It also offers a tracking code that voters can enter on the web to verify that their voice was both counted and not changed. And yes there will be a paper track. A separate paper selection can be selected and placed in a box to serve as an additional control level.

You will not see this exact device on a polling site. Microsoft's open source technology works with other voice systems, and there are partnerships with the companies that produce more than half of the voice machines that the US is using today. It adds support for two voice techniques, Clear Ballot and Smartmatic.

It will take a while for ElectionGuard to rush up. Microsoft said it was the "piloting" platform in the 2020-US election. There is certainly an incentive to put in place rather than later, imagine. Microsoft warned that its AccountGuard system had issued 781

state account attacks (mainly from Russia, Iran and North Korea) since its debut in August 2018, with nearly 10,000 customers learning that they were either targeted or the victims. Other countries are keen to interfere with cyber-attack policies, and vulnerable voice machines can be easy to replace.

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