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Michelle Williams secretly uses musician Phil Elverum

Surprise! Michelle Williams is married to indie musician Phil Elverum after a "very holy and very special" – and very secret – courtship, she reveals in a new profile.

The actress, 37, is the last cover of Vanity Fair where she confirms her marriage to Elverum, 40, for the first time. Williams and Elverum married a secret ceremony in Adirondacks with some friends and their daughters present. Blue Valentine actress had 12-year-old Matilda with Heath Ledger; Elverum has a 3 year old daughter from her first marriage.

"Of course, I've never talked about a relationship once in my life," she said. "But Phil is not somebody else, and it's worth something. At last, that's the way he loves me, how I want to live my life at all." I'm working to be free within the moment. I'm parent to let Matilda be free to be yourself, and I'm finally loved by someone who makes me feel free. "

Elverum now lives in Brooklyn with Williams and their daughters, and Williams said it was her long search for love for Ledger died in 2008.

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"I never gave love. I always say to Matilda:" Your dad loved me before anyone thought I was talented or beautiful, or had nice clothes she told the story.

To open up her life after keeping it private for so long, Williams said she hopes it will help other people go through tragedies. Elverum also lost his wife, illustrator and musician Gene viève Castrée, for cancer just 18 months after welcoming her daughter.

"I do not really want to talk about any of it," she said. "But that's what's going on, it's like," What happens if it helps someone? What happens if someone who has always traveled this way, who has fought as much as I struggled and looked as much as I watched, find something that helps them? Do not let me know something that feels like a prison, or is difficult, or hurts, she says. "If it does not feel like love, it's not love."

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