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Michelle Williams and New Man both suffered tragic losses

Michelle Williams surprised the world on Thursday with the revelation he had married indie singer Phil Elverum in a private ceremony in Adirondacks in upstate New York earlier this month.

The notorious private actress, 37, described her relationship with the Artist as "very holy and very secret" to Vanity Fair and called him unlike "someone else" in his life.

Who is the man who won Williams heart? Read on to learn more about the music and what he and Williams have in common.

He suffered a tragic loss like Williams

Williams 12-year-old daughter Matilda was only 2 when her father Heath Ledger died of an accidental prescription overdosed in January 2008. He and Williams, 37, had dated for three years after meeting the set of their 2005 film Brokeback Mountain, but had separated five months earlier. 1

9659002] "My heart is broken," she said in a statement at that time.

Elverum's daughter Agathe was only 1½ when his wife Geneviève Castrée died in their home in his hometown Anacortes, Washington in July 2015 after a fight against stage IV pancreatic cancer. She had been diagnosed when Agathe was only 4 months old.

"She lived with me and her parents hold her, hopefully having reached last minute peace," wrote Elverum on a GoFundMe page created at that time Pitchfork reported.

  Michelle Williams and Phil Elverum

Michelle Williams and Phil Elverum

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In the wake of both of their losses, everyone seemed to have similar settings on how they succeeded in achieving the pain.

"I'm the mother of the most beautiful, beautiful little girl who is the spotting image of his dad." All I can dress is his presence in her who reveals himself every day, "Williams's statement after Ledge's death read. "His family and I look at Matilda as she whispers to trees, hugs animals and takes steps two at a time, and we know he's still with us. She'll get busy with the best memories of him."

They are both very family-focused

Paparazzi swims her every move, Williams returned and left Brooklyn for rural areas in New York where she raised Matilda for the next six years. Her only daughter would also travel with Williams to various movie sets over the years.

"It was unmanageable to be like this, every act," the actress, 37, Vanity Fair. "So I left, in a desire to create a healthy home environment."

"I'll never forget to go to the post office and see a sign hung on the wall for everyone with information about myself and my daughter, please call this number," she remembers. "Um, I took it down."

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  Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger

Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger

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Elverum, a famous singer and artist of the Indie scene, also focused on his family.

"When [Castrée] was diagnosed, everything changed naturally, but especially music and art, which had previously been the center of everything," he wrote in a personal statement published in KUOW.

"I'm single parent now," he continued. "Yes, the idea of ​​focusing on music, or not my interests alone, like taking care of myself – my interests was the bottom of the two-pillar long as caregiver when Genevieve was ill, and then after her died, as just a parent."

"My daughter is like a closer back to the world of work, and I'm aware of how good it is," he added to Pitchfork. "I have to cut up broccoli, I can not cry, and yet i sometimes cry, and she comes to me saying," Dad cries! "And I'll be," Yes, I'm crying right now, I'm sorry. It is good. "And she laughs and goes back to her LEGOs."

They worked through their tragedies

Two months later, Elverum began to pour his loss in his art.

Williams would also return to work. She took a year and finished work on the opposite of Leonardo DiCaprio 2010 Shutter Island.

But her work was not as personal as Elverum's. In March 2017 he would release A crow who looked at me under his moniker, Mount Eerie (formerly Microphones). He recorded the album in the same room as Castrée died with many of his own instruments.

"The songs came into a kind of flood," he explained to KUOW. "During four or five weeks writing, just sitting there every night after I put my daughter to sleep, I would go into the room and sit down and organize these thoughts."

Asked to write an album by Pitchfork Elverum said he hoped it would be catartic by pulling up these memories – and then releasing them – is challenging.

"I want to take it out of my mind: I want exorcism to happen," he says. "If you talk about it or sing if it can achieve that, I do not know. I feel proud of this thing that I have done, which is also perverted. There is a built-in conflict that I do not know how to navigate. "

In March, Elverum called another album about Castrée's death Only now.

  Phil Elverum

Phil Elverum

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Their life together now

Williams and Elverum live together in Brooklyn now with their mixed family.

Her entire relationship has gone away from the eyes of the public until this time.

"I never gave up love" she told Vanity Fair . "I always tell Matilda," Your dad loved me before anyone thought I was talented or beautiful or had nice clothes. ""

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Elverum was not interviewed for the paragraph but told Pitchfork last year that he worried that his daughter grew up without a mother.

" I sometimes think of it life my daughter will have without mom, "he said. "What does it mean to have a ghost mom? Not that I can do anything different about it. But it's a worse version of what we had planned, do you know? This was not our best choice."

Williams had also expressed similar worried about finding a sibling for Matilda. "I really wanted, and I really expected or thought Matilda would have siblings close to her in age," she told GQ in 2012. "I wanted it for her. But I could not get to happen. "

After finding her happy end, Williams told Vanity Fair that she hopes their story helps other people to go through tragedies.

"I do not really want to talk about any of it," she said. "But that's what's going on, it's like," What happens if it helps someone? What happens if someone who has always traveled this way, who has fought as much as I struggled and looked as much as I watched, find something that helps them? Do not let me know something that feels like a prison, or is difficult, or hurts, she says. "If it does not feel like love, it's not love."

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