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Witness claims to have seen a military plane before the Beirut explosion: “It was a bomb”

Jad Tabet, a Lebanese citizen, revealed that before the explosion in Beirut, happened on Tuesday, he saw a military plane flying over the blast area, which claimed the lives of more than 100 people.

In an interview with Javier Poza, for the program “Poza en Fórmula” on Radio Fórmula, Jad, 28 years old, assured that “the noise from an airplane was clearly heard”, which not only he saw, but many more people.

“I went with a client, I’m an architect, to show him a house and I saw the harbor in Beirut the smoke from a fire, but it was very normal, I thought it was a normal fire. (Later) I heard the sound of a military plane, the sound was very loud, seconds later the bomb happened, “said the young man who lives in Beirut.

After the explosion Jad Tabet He went out and saw many bloody people, whom he described as zombies.

“People walked the streets like zombies; It was very scary, like it was a Hollywood movie, out of fear, ”he compared.

Then he went to his work office, where all his colleagues were bloody; In addition, he lamented, “there are many people we do not find so far.”


Pleasantly, the young man announced that “there is nothing from Beirut; nothing that was known about Beirut is. There are many people who do not have a house to sleep. We are living in an economic crisis in the country.

In addition, he accused the “bomb” of being the fault of Lebanon’s corrupt politicians, “who have done nothing for the country for 30 years.”

“It is the corrupt (corrupt) politicians, who are the government, the fault that has not done anything for this country for 30 years. The bomb is the fault of the corrupt politicians,” he said.

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