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Windows 10 continues to grow, but users are afraid of October 2018

And as you remember, there was an update that must be temporarily removed due to an important failure that eliminated some of personal files by some users, restart as must Expect something more than one month . However, the detection of Judgments which is already smaller, has not ceased, both for those who installed it in the first place and for those who have received it now in its Second Release .

That's why Microsoft has now said that it intends to focus more on reliability and stability from 2019 operating system rather than in it constant release of new features . With all that, while the Redmond company managed to outperform Apple and position itself as the world's most valuable company, one of its flagship products, the above Windows 10 continues to grow month after month.

This is something that was noted in the latest reports published on this topic, which shows that the market penetration of Windows 10 continues to increase while that of Windows 7 falls . However, this is something that happens much lower than Microsoft would like. At the same time something is very similar to the acceptance and installation currently October 2018 Update in Windows 10.

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Windows October 10, 2018 Update not installed by user

In fact, today we can say that the latest update has not even reached 3% of total devices with it This version of the system is operative, which indicates two clear data. On the one hand, Microsoft gets this version 1809 to the law when it has as far as possible ensured that it will not cause any problems.

At the same time, a fact so much worrying is that many users have probably made the decision before you finally install Oc tober 2018 wait a little to see if an error has occurred. Additionally, we must remember that the update from April 2018 is already in December, and by far the version of the most widely used system with almost 90% penetration, while Fall Creators Update or 1709 rated others by almost 4%.

Almost oremediably, this is a trend that will vary in the course of the month, but there is no doubt that users take many more precautions as usual before installing the update of Windows October 10th. 2018 .

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