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WhatsApp. How do I leave a group without being notified in the chat?

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Get things so unpleasant in WhatsApp like being in a group where you are saturated with messages or sounds and you can not leave for any specific reason. We already know that If you happen to leave the chat, all members will find out with a legitimate message that will say “User has left group”

;, but we have a solution for you.

Whether it’s family, work or recreation, you can do it leave the group with this WhatsApp trick which consists of four very simple steps and that you will surely appreciate once you have configured it, with the great advantage of it you should not download any additional software to your phone.

How do I leave a WhatsApp group without leaving a trace?

  1. Enter the WhatsApp group and tap three points which is in the upper right corner.
  2. click group info and then in Close notifications, with the “one year” option specified.
  3. Re-enter group infonow choose Custom notifications, where you disable notifications and alerts.
  4. Ready! You have “abandoned” a WhatsApp group without providing evidence, you will no longer see any notifications or annoying warnings.

WhatsApp Trick: How to delete the word ‘Write …’?

  1. Disable your internet connection, either Wi-Fi or via data.
  2. Select flight mode or flight mode, which you can normally view from the top toolbar.
  3. Already offline, write the message in the chat or group you want and send it.
  4. Reactivate your connection and the text is sent as soon as you reset your Internet signal.
  5. Repeat the steps as needed.

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