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¿What is the bitcoin price exactly? 4 indicators that suggest a foundation for potential

Preceded by Bitcoin (BTC), the repository has been repaid in the US $ 7,800 by way of a series of consecutive seminars and final highs.

With the precise BTC update of $ 8,200, various indicators sugieren qua posible reversion podría estar en las cartas.

Rendimiento semanal del criptomercado. Fuente: Coin360.com

1. The exact details of Bitcoin's current account

The Precision of Bitcoin has some control over the moment. Tanto en el graphico di semanal, el BTC / USD have repatriated loans and receipts durante la ultima semana. Tracing the maximum of USD 8,400 from October 1

4, Bitcoin rebates and the listings of the Bollinger Bandas (BB) 5 are as high as 7, with the actual and torn up of $ 7,860.

Mientras que el Preceded by Bitcoin, it has been ranked in the inferior position of Bollinger's band in the past, which is due to the BB's lines, which is due to resistance and the BTC / USD graph value as well as USD 8.550, As a result of this promotion, it can be reduced to USD 8,120.

The bitcoin, which is not used by Bitcoin, is a precursor to the tendency of an exchange rate of USD 8,120 for a real increase in interest rates and a rupture of interest. encima de los USD 8,550 nos llevaría hacia nuestro proximo level of resistance and the graphical seminal channel of Bitcoin.

Graph 1 of BTC / USD. Fuente: TradingView

Bitcoin Perspective Seminar

Debit in the currency of Bitcoin in semantic passport, which is the indicator of BB's having amplified liga rate of USD 7.633, which is The level of Bitcoin necesita mantener antes de los bajistas empiecen a cantar sangre.

Ayer mismo, Peter Schiff and tuit destined to predict the value of Bitcoin caería in USD 2,000. First of all:

"The currency of Bitcoin is horrible. No such bonding and recent average proyecta of USD 6,000, which is the only way to complete a cache and hombros, with a cabeza the USD 14,000, and a line of just the debit of the USD 8,000, which is projected to collapse the debit of the USD 2,000 ".

The prima facie semana is the quintal form of the semanal and the inferior part of the Bandas de Bollinger. Pero como's powder far and los gráficos, las velas son cada vez más pequeñas a la semana. ¿Podría is looking at the point of Bitcoin inflexion? Uncategorized by the Fuerza Relative (RSI) Index of this idea.

Graph of 1 semana BTC / USD. Fuente: TradingView

2. El Fuerza Relative (RSI) parece sobrevendido

El RSI semanal no muestra mucho. Its embargo, the RSI and the graph are insinuated that Bitcoin is already listed as a reversal of the current fund and on 30.75 or 19 October, and is recovering from a tray sector alcista.

Although Bitcoin empowers and animates, it does not imply the co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, Jason Williams, Haya tuiteado as a popular PlanB, and to post a Medium to the commentary on the Escasez and El Stock- to-Flow high:

"The model predicts the value of the market of USD 1 trillion to be halved and may 2020 by 2020, now it trades and exactly USD 55,000". ~ PlanB

Eliminating it in 206 digits "

Graph of 1 by BTC / USD. Fuente: TradingView

3. Convergence of the Media Movement (MACD) of Bitcoin

For indicative purposes of recovery and the graph of Bitcoin and the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), which is highly commensurate with other currencies of the line.

The recent accession of the Precinct of Bitcoin también has elevated and unchanged oscura and histograms MACD despises the 8 th most of a patron saint. Its embargo, which is a prime indicator of a bitcoin inversion, is the MACD seminal signaling case.

Graph of 1 Dia BTC / USD Fuente: TradingView

MACD Bitcoin Seminar

Submitted to the market at the Convergencia of the Divergencia of Promedio Movil, to the left cambiado después de la octava vela en el histo grama formado and rojo oscuro. Its embargo, which is available for sale and value, is valued at USD 8,150, which is consistent with a choice of color pink, and with it, the experience of a reversed powder and some probable.

Its embargo, the line of señal y la linea MACD no muestran señales alcistas, and you have no empiecen and cambiar de trayectoria but exist la posibilidad de que se produccan más caídas.

Gráfico de 1 semana BTC / USD. Fuente: TradingView

4. Bitcoin's interest rate is at a minimum

The prospect of a possible reversal of the Bitcoin miner's receipts, as he is a non-interest rate and non-cash debtor, is due to the Bitcoin cotizaba and the USD 3,500 and Febero de este año. "

Along with the timing, it is proportionate to other indications, that is, los mineros son of naturalists of mercado.

A theory, a medida que BTC's acerca al precio de equilibrio para los mineros, as well as natural tents, the incentive of the mantra for inventory of the reduction of the ventas and the mercado.

The high, albeit level of actual, as well as the minos are pagan menos of 10 cents per kWh path minar Bitcoin sin pérdidas.

Including the giant mining company Bitmain, which is the beneficiary of the electricity tariff of 0.06 centavos per kWh, its pondrn nerviosos and este momento, ya It is true that the Bitcoin movement is significant in terms of ruining finance for Bitcoin's minos, which is a check on 60% of the hash rate.

Cointelegraph preguntó empresario minero Bitcoin, Amir Ness : ¿A precio tendency for a bitcoin for a bit lower than the ones that are profitable?

Ness opera la instalación de co-minería Mine-A-Block in Irkutsk, Siberia, which is the beneficiary of our costs Electricity is 0.055c per kWh.

However, it is 0.055c per kWh, the precedent of Bitcoin necesitaría mantenerse for an amount of USD 6,500 per evita la minería con peridas.

Bitcoin Rentabilidad de minerals: 1 year old. Fuente: BitInfoCharts

Scenario Alcista

For those who abandon their positions, the Bitcoin necesiterá mantra for the position of the media movement and the Bollinger band indicator, the actual situation and $ 8,120. This is due to the fact that there is no objectionable object of tener and cuenta of USD 8,550.

The level of resistance of the aqueduct is already $ 9,846 and is precisely the bitcoin's low level of interest, including Bitcoin has a carrier of almost $ 12,100.


The sub-high of $ 8,000 to $ 8,170 is not a lot of notices, its embargo, for its customers, and the prospects of the Bitcoin sigue siendo is as much as 300 USD for the current and the current Bollinger band.

Si Bitcoin's advanced debit card of $ 7,860, which is a high level of payment and a tornado of 200. It is our currency, which is a series of series US $ 7,000, which represents a 15% cash return with respect to actual prices. It is possible to expect an increase in empowerment in BTC at levels that are mandatory for a lesser and lesser or lesser period.

Lists points of opinion and opinions expressed without the need for a vehicle to reflect notices on the point of view of the Cointelegraph.com Cada moviemiento inversion and comercio implicación, debes llevar a cabo tu propia investigación al tomar una decision.

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