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What gives a better user experience?

The fight is quite close. The Moto G6 Plus and Huawei P20 Lite have several similarities, but also have marked differences. We use both devices for two weeks and based on our user experience, we tell which smartphone is the best column in this interesting Versus.

Two of the most important Huawei and Motorola devices are uploaded to the PC World Mexico ring: Moto G6 Plus and P20 Lite. We chose to meet these two smartphones because we thought it was interesting that, although they have some hardware and price differences, both layers' overall performance is quite similar, and in some respects, one surpasses the other by providing great surprises . [19659004] Image Results for the Moto G6 Plus [width="286"height="286"/> Image Results for the huawei p20 Lite

We will compare all the most important aspects of the devices and name a winner in each category. In this way, you know which one offers the best user experience in addition to comparing technical specifications. And at the end, you can make a general balance to know which one is better and which one is best for you to buy.


The Motorola G6 Plus has one of the best designs in the manufacturer's history. It has reduced its frames on the screen and the backing is simply good. It's light almost black, but it has blue flash that makes it look very elegant. On the Moto G line, this is a milestone since previous models looked a bit more modest. On the other hand, the disc that holds the rear cameras and dual flash in the G6 Plus has a more detailed design. [19659009] For its part, the P20 Lite Huawei takes better space and has smaller elements both up and down the screen. Not to mention it is more at the forefront of including a Notch (cavity on the screen that surrounds front camera and speaker for conversation). On the backside, the P20 Lite has a more traditional surface that is black black like a piano finish. It also looks like a very sober and elegant style.

In this section, it is clear that Motorola has done very well and offers great improvements over previous generations of the G line. However, the Huawei P20 Lite is more in trend with Its design is Notch and has much thinner elements that better utilize space.

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